July 25, 2024

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Legendary ex-KISS guitarist ACE FREHLEY offers up his sixth solo studio effort entitled “Space Invader” in 2014 and longtime fans of Spaceman will not be let down by this rocking collection of twelve cuts. Ace is at the helm of the production and his guitar work is blazing as ever. The lineup also includes Matt Starr on drums and Chris Wyse on Bass. The follow up to 2009’s stellar “Anomaly”, I didn’t know what to expect, whether or not this would be more guitar heavy & chock full of great riffs and solos or filled with sappy, forgettable radio ballads. I am pleased to report that Ace has not mellowed with age at all and the opening rockers “Space Invader” and “Gimme a Feelin'” totally set the tone for the ass kicking this sixty-three year old man delivers.

If you recall how fantastic Ace’s first solo record in 1978 was while in KISS and blew away the other members Paul, Gene & Peter, which included the classic “New York Groove”, this album for me captures that vibe more than anything he has done since. Next up he hits you hard where it counts with “I Wanna Hold You”, “Change”, and “Toys”. Followed by more rocking good times in the form of “Immortal Pleasures”, “Inside the Vortex”, “What Every Girl Wants”, and my personal favorite, the mellow but grooving as all hell “Past the Milky Way”. “Reckless” is no clunker either, and will take no time getting you rocking your head up and down to it.

Ace next turns in a bad ass cover of Steve Miller’s “The Joker”, that seems to perfectly mirror all the crap that has gone down between him, Gene and Paul, “Some people call me the Space Cowboy… People talk about me, baby… Say I’m doin’ you wrong”, the legend six string wizard sings with his tongue planted firmly in cheek. The album concludes with the powerfully written instrumental “Starship”. Any fan of great rock music will want to own this latest musical masterpiece from one of the greatest rock guitar players ever.

Rocket loves Space Ace!

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ACE FREHLEY – “Space Invader” (CD)

(eOne Music/2014)

1. Space Invader
2. Gimme a Feelin’
3. I Wanna Hold You
4. Change
5. Toys
6. Immortal Pleasures
7. Inside the Vortex
8. What Every Girl Wants
9. Past the Milky Way
10. Reckless
11. The Joker
12. Starship