June 22, 2024

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ROCKET REVIEW: ESSENCE – “Lost In Violence” (CD)


Where in the hell does a reviewer even start when attempting to explain the greatness that is Danish thrash metal act ESSENCE? Clearly the most exciting thing to happen to the underground world of metal in recent memory. It’s as if SLAYER and METALLICA hooked up and birthed a child. This tremendously talented heavy music act could indeed one day be the next big thing, pure and simple. They are such a tight musical unit playing at a level of intensity and technical explosiveness that is rarely heard from anyone these days — and it simply shines through on each and every track offered up in their absolutely head-banging debut entitled Lost In Violence. Lasse Skov is a total standout on vocals and guitar, screaming his way into a frenzy that is very reminiscent of a young James Hetfield. The listener will be treated to gem after gem of face-crushing, heavy metal mayhem. From the positively masterful “Unlimited Chaos” to the high speed assault of “Pestilence”, followed by the epic “Blood Culture”, and perfect thrash encounter: “Night’s Destruction”. The bass guitar work is majestic, some of the best I have ever heard. Mark Drastrup on guitar and back-up vocals does more than hold his own. Martin Haumann on drums is clearly a powerful player. There’s just something so cool about this band’s energy and passion, which is detectable on every single second of this record. It leaves you wanting more from them right now, so that’s my take on it. A phenomenal job has been done here by some hungry muthafuckers.

The rest of the album isn’t bad either. Amazingly, they are able to crank it up a notch, in terms of overall musicianship & songwriting execution with “Shades Of Black”, my personal favorite on the album entitled “Trace Of Terror, ” the title track “Lost In Violence and finishing up with one rampaging “Aggressive Attack”. What more can I say? Lost In Violence is one of the best metal albums of 2011.



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ESSENCE – “Lost In Violence” (CD)

(Ultimate Records/2011)

1. Allegiance
2. Unlimited Chaos
3. Pestilence
4. Blood Culture
5. Night’s Destruction
6. Oblivion
7. Shades Of Black
8. Trace Of Terror
9. Lost In Violence
10. Aggressive Attack