July 20, 2024

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ZAKK WYLDE – Goes On The Defensive


Ole braided Viking beard is back on the defensive, taking to his Twitter to clear up any confusion regarding the recent BLACK LABEL SOCIETY show cancellations at Ozzfest 2010, due to rain… and it’s purely classic Wylde.

Here’s Zakk’s latest tweets on the matter:

“BOSTON N NJ CHAPTERS Sorry but ya can’t mess w/Mother Nature..”

“Russell BLACK LABEL didn’t cancel … They pulled the plug when the Monitor guy got Shocked n the Board fryed.”

“Hey George … It wasn’t us…OZZFEST Told us No show!!! Go kick the Shit out of Ozzfest Production People.”

“How do you think it felt for us … We showed up Ready To DESTROY… NJ N BOSTON… Btw.. Come up to my face n call me a pussy…”

“George I don’t know if you’ve noticed . I’m not a 101LB. Guitar Player….can’t wait to see how TOUGH you really R.”

This year’s Ozzfest is now concluded. BLACK LABEL SOCIETY is next set to headline the “Black Label Berzerkus” tour in the fall. The two-month North American run is slated to feature CLUTCH, CHILDREN OF BODOM and 2CENTS, with the first two bands sharing the main support slot.

No word yet on when the big fella and “George” are going to get in the ring to settle their
differences. Bleed Black Label… literally!