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ROCKET REVIEW: KEEL – “Streets Of Rock & Roll” (CD)


KEEL is back in 2010 and this reviewer loves what he hears on their rocking new studio effort entitled
“Streets Of Rock & Roll” – which is the band’s first new music in 21 years. Despite the recent avalanche of reformed eighties and nineties bands, KEEL does not phone this one in. They have put together a superb collection of songs that more than live up to the hard rockin’ greatness that made them heavy metal superstars over two decades ago. The best part of it all is that “Streets Of Rock & Roll” features the band’s classic line up: Ron Keel, Marc Ferrari, Bryan Jay and Dwain Miller. How cool is that?

KEEL first erupted onto the metal scene with “The Right To Rock,” their major label debut produced by Gene Simmons of KISS, which has sold over 2 million copies to date, helping the act to earn a sterling reputation as one of the genre’s most exciting live acts by touring with names like BON JOVI, VAN HALEN, and AEROSMITH… just to drop a few names. Let me say that listeners of “Streets Of Rock & Roll” will certainly be happy to hear that KEEL has not lost a step all these years later.

What I personally enjoyed the most on “Streets Of Rock & Roll” is the diversity. You’ve got some hard rockers and some well-written slower ballads, that are sure to please anyone who is a fan of the electric guitar. Guitarist Marc Ferrari is rediscovered here as a highly exceptional six string shredder, strutting his uncanny fret-burning ability on notable tunes like “Hit The Ground Running” and “The Devil May Care (But I Don’t)”. Vocalist Ron Keel may not have the kind of vocal range that others like Dio or Halford possess, but on the track “Come Hell Or High Water”, Keel’s singing is effective enough to get the job done. Oh, did I mention the backup vocals? Well, I have to admit that they are simply outstanding. Overall, the quality of the songwriting, musicianship, and production on KEEL’s “Streets Of Rock & Roll” is second to none. This reviewer gives the album a big “Horn’s Up” all the way.



[starreview tpl=16] KEEL – “Streets Of Rock & Roll” (CD)

(Frontiers Records/2010)

1. Streets Of Rock & Roll
2. Hit The Ground Running
3. Come Hell Or High Water
4. Push & Pull
5. Does Anybody Believe
6. No More Lonely Nights
7. The Devil May Care (But I Don’t)
8. Lookin’ For A Good Time
9. Gimme That
10. Hold Steady
11. Live
12. Brothers In Blood