July 23, 2024

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STORMCROW – Debut New Single

Italian black metal unit STORMCROW will release their third album, “Path to Ascension”, sometime in 2024 via Time To Kill Records.

Now the band shares a new single from the new album. Stream “Dark Existence” at THIS LOCATION.

The video of the previous single “Vulgus Vult Decipi” is also available HERE.

The band started out in northen Italy in 1997 and is no secret to genre connoisseurs thanks to a couple of well-received albums and European tours with Dark Funeral, Enthroned, Shining and many more. But now their big moment in the spotlight has come – STORMCROW are ready for the final breakthrough with the new album “Path to Ascension”.

STORMCROW have kept the black flame burning for 20+ years simply out of adoration and their respect for the genre. Undoubtedly they share some of the same DNA of iconic black metal bands that have gone before them, and whilst their technical abilities add a more than impressive flourish, they operate on a ‘don’t overcomplicate for the sake of overcomplicating’ rule. Keeping theatrics to a minimum has yielded a lean, sharp album that embodies the blueprint of old school black metal and embraces both melody and an epic narrative.

Watch for more details on the new album release, new tour updates, and more news on other upcoming STORMCROW activities to be posted shortly.


Wraith – Drums
Tohrus – Guitar
Vastis – Vocals
Astaroth – Guitar
Zedar – Bass





Time To Kill Records