July 18, 2024

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Tommy Lee Harbored Intense Hatred For Jani Lane, Was Furious That Warrant Upstaged MÖTLEY CRÜE

In a past interview, 80s model and “Cherry Pie” music video queen Bobbie Brown confirmed that the rape of late Warrant singer Jani Lane happened on the Sunset Strip, so the rape of Mr. Lane did not happen in Florida as some people have speculated. It had to have happened in Los Angeles with the sheer fact that Warrant was playing the Hollywood scene really heavily at that time when they just started, and Jani was real young around 19. The Strip is the birthing grounds for glam metal and was the infamous stomping grounds of none other than Tommy Lee of MÖTLEY CRÜE and the legendary glam metal band’s shady manager Doc McGhee. Lee is two years older than Lane, so that puts him around 21 at the time of the Lane rape.

Remember the past interview I shared about the Crue’s ex-limo driver Al Bowman saying that he used to drive Tommy and the founder of L.A.’s Church of Satan around with Sixx and Neil to Satanic ritual ceremonies and sex orgies? Mr. Bowman said that the band was involved heavily in witchcraft and stalking “virgin groupies”. I dug deeper into the death of Jani Lane, and what I discovered is very shocking.

As part of my analysis of Mr. Lane’s death, suspected now of foul play, I will be using numerology (Gematria) to help readers understand how everything in terms of the truth will unfold via these numbers.

By all appearances, the Crue’s manager Doc McGhee is 100% backed by the Illuminati. He was once busted for being a money man in a deal with 20 tons of marijuana recovered in a shrimp boat in 1982, in a big-time smuggling operation from Colombia into USA that was thwarted by authorities, but the possession with intent to sell charge was changed – and instead of facing 30 years in prison he got off with a slap on the wrist. Sounds eerily similar to how singer Vince Neil escaped harsh punishment two years later for a drunk driving crash that killed Razzle of Hanoi Rocks, doesn’t it?

How totally opportunistic of Brown to put Jani’s secret in a book. That tells me she was in on the plot by Lee and McGhee to murder Jani and stage it as an overdose. Keep in mind, She and Lee also dated one another, so that deepens their emotional ties and loyalty to one another today and allows them to bury the secret of what really happened to Mr. Lane with each other. While Nikki Sixx was around the scene of the crime for sure back in those days and could be a suspect or at the very least an accomplice, my independent investigation right now is focused on Mr. Lee, since he and Brown are so closely connected, my gut tells me that he had the real motive to kill Lane.

If Tommy Lee is indeed a member of a secret society, the Freemasons, as the Mick Mars leaked legal docs purportedly revealed, and Lee attained a rank of 32rd degree then he can definitely get murders sanctioned by the brotherhood of death. There is no doubt about that.

The “32” on the ring is emblematic of the 32nd Degree of the Scottish Rite, the most powerful branch of the freemasons, and 32nd degree is the degree of a full Member of the Rite. The Scottish Rite is an appendant body of Freemasonry and has 29 degrees numbered 4 through 32.

2 X 9 = 18 which is 666

Another thing I found interesting is that the Knights Templar who are the ones who started the Freemasons were a secret homosexual fraternity, so homosexuality among the elite like Lee is par for the course. Elite musicians raping other well-known music stars happened a lot more than you think back in the eighties, and it is still going on right now.

As the story goes, Brown went a little bit more into depth about the situation and the reason why she will not name names. She is afraid for her family that if these people’s names are mentioned that they will come back in retaliation.

The fact is that I know that Tommy Lee was jealous of Jani Lane.

Back in the 80s when Warrant opened for MÖTLEY CRÜE, Jani and Warrant had a reputation for blowing away the bad boys of rock n roll when they shared the bill together, believe it or not, and that angered Lee and Nikki Sixx big time. The glam metal scene was a very competitive arena to be playing around in back in the day, because everyone was fighting to get the top spot, in terms of dominating radio play and MTV with fancy over-produced music videos, and Warrant definitely was giving Lee and Crue a run for their money. The big hair, the crazy bright colored outfits, and the hairspray was all part of the attitude, and everyone in glam metal bands would play this up to help sell records. That was the bottom line, you had to sell a lot of records to stay on top. Warrant was the Crue’s #1 competition, without a doubt.

I grew up in Los Angeles at this time, so I know as a firsthand witness that everything I am reporting is true, in terms of the ‘highly competitive nature’ of hair metal bands. Most reading my words were not even alive when this was all happening over 40 years ago. And to be honest, it was a very rare breed like me who were part of the glam metal scene from the start, attending gigs and buying their records.

Lee, Sixx and Brown got a kick watching Lane grow depressed later in life as he struggled to deal with the rape incident, becoming a raging alcoholic, who friends said slowly rotted him away in front of them, and it was the saddest thing they ever saw. Once Lane went to Brown to confide his secret about the rape by Lee, Brown took advantage of Lane, who was her ex-husband even, and after his death, Brown earned money off a book that featured the Lee Rape story and she did many interviews promoting it, one I have included below, conducted by The Opperman Report, who I have been interviewed by before about my Dimebag death investigation, which I also concluded was an MK ULTRA hit job just like Lane.

This looks to be a CIA/Satanic church sanctioned assassination of Jani Lane carried out by Tommy Lee. Check out the following Gematria breakdown, it tells us all we need to know. At the time Lane died (August 11) is called ‘Feast of the Sun God‘ on the Satanic Calendar.

The last day of each of the lunar months is the sacred day of the triple goddess of crossroads and the patroness of Witches, Hekate.

Hekate had many names and titles: Hecate Trevia, “of the three ways”; Hecate Phosphoros, “the light bringer”; Hecate, the embodiment of evil.

Jani Lane Sacrificed Murder in Hebrew Gematria equals 1325:

Cern Six Six Six in Hebrew Gematria equals 1325

Victorias Secret (tied to Pizzagate) in Hebrew Gematria equals 1325

Allen W Dulles (tied to MK ULTRA) in Hebrew Gematria equals 1325