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PHIL ANSELMO – Demand Housecore Radio On Sirius

Demand Phil on Sirius!

TMD Rocks!

Legendary Pantera/Down vocalist Philip H. Anselmo created his own label called Housecore Records to release his many side projects and other great heavy music bands he supports, including the recent signing of Texas thrashers War-Beast (formerly Texas Metal Alliance), which gives him a chance to give back to the music he loves most: Metal.

Moreover, everyone knows that Phil has a myriad of hostile, humorous and insightful opinions on everything ranging from politics and boxing to underground music.

The Kid loves to talk.

So how about it?

How about we give back to him for once and help Phil get his own big time radio show?

Check out his most recent editorial at Boxing Insider and judge the man's talents for yourself!


Phil Anselmo wants YOUR Help!

DEMAND Phil And Housecore Radio At: