June 19, 2024

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Tommy Lee’s “Fake Drumming” Article Stolen From TMD Site By Rock Media, Said To Be The Real Reason Original MÖTLEY CRÜE Broke Up!

TMD site has absolutely dominated the entire rock n roll news media for a very long time. Despite being a website that is strictly a Heavy Metal music promotions webzine (tailored to feature mainly underground metal), many of the mainstream wannabes copy/paste Rocket’s journalism, stealing even the headlines verbatim, and not giving credit when it is due. It is no surprise that the fake rock news outlets would steal what turned out to be the biggest MÖTLEY CRÜE news story of all time and most certainly the #1 most viewed news article in rock last year, yes, even bigger than the announcement Mars was being replaced by John 5. At the height of their twice postponed comeback tour, which was plagued with accusations that singer Vince Neil was going to lip synch during their concerts, Rocket caught drummer Tommy Lee using a backing track and that is when all hell broke loose inside the Crue’s camp.

This single news article (dated 7/19/2022) written by Rocket of TMD alone is responsible for breaking up the original Crue lineup. No other journalist in history has had that kind of a massive influence on anything.

I am going to name the websites who stole my article that I authored and posted long before anyone else began to mention it, in most cases, it was nine days later after I published the original article that the thievery began to occur. I am also going to try and name as many of the editors at these sites I can who are guilty of straight up content theft! I will also provide a link to each stolen post and give the total number of Facebook followers each page has. Once these stories post on their website, it will mostly always be shared on that radio site or webzines Facebook page. This total number help gives us an idea of the total viewership, although it is only a small sample size, when considering the story was all over Twitter and other social media platforms at same time. The date of the stolen posting will be included as well, so readers can clearly see that their posting followed TMD’s.

Many of the biggest names in rock/metal stole my work, including Justin Hawkins of THE DARKNESS.

In the end, the best part of it all is that these moronic rock personalities, websites and radio stations by stealing my work only helped me to accomplish my main goal, which was to reveal the truth about what was happening. It was sabotage clear as day.

It is important to understand as the Mars legal battle versus his old band begins to throwdown, because fans will see that Mars was put in a very unfair spot, and was treated horribly, and when Tommy Lee got busted in front of the world using a backing track it sent Mars into a furious rage, and this is what led to the big blow up between he and the Crue, ultimately kicking off the lawsuit launched by Mars this past April. He called them out for their unprofessional behavior, and Sixx decided to fire him secretly, yet tell all the fans it was due to the guitar legend’s “aging” and “health” issues.

Mars believes he is the sole creator of the Crue, since he named them and got them their first money backer, among other things, on top of writing the band’s most memorable songs, and he is battling in court for majority shareholder status so he can gain control back of the band he put on the map pretty much by himself.

In this sample size, there are roughly two dozen guilty culprits caught stealing TMD’s content, totaling over 11 million readers reached via these 28 distribution points.

Keep in mind, there are many on this list who were included in my routine email media blast of news stories being kicked out to the media as I always do, so many of the guilty were made privy of the story by me directly. Most have their article dated 9 days later than my original publish date. Although, Alternativenation, notorious for stealing TMD content registers the earliest theft of my work on July 25, 2022, 6 days after I first published my article about Tommy fake drumming.

Rock Feed webzine (843,000 subscribers)

Motley Crue’s Tommy Lee Caught Using Pre Recorded Drums? – YouTube

MSN Entertainment (204,000) Archived version available:

Justin Hawkins Rides Again YouTube channel (241,000)

Was Tommy Lee Caught Faking It?! – YouTube

103.7 FM radio (San Francisco, CA)

102.7 WEBN iHeart radio (Cincinatti, Ohio) (220,000)

Alternative Nation webzine (73,000) Theft Date: July 25, 2022

Tommy Lee Caught Faking Motley Crue Performance? (alternativenation.net)

Louder webzine (135,000)

Pancake Punch webzine (278,000)

Metal Sucks webzine (472,000) Theft Date: July 28th


Watch: Mötley Crüe Drummer Tommy Lee Appears to Be Using a Backing Track Live | MetalSucks

Loaded Radio (Las Vegas, NV) (24,000

Ultimate Guitar (11,000) Date: July 20, 2022

Watch: Are Mötley Crüe Using Drum Backing Tracks Live? Video Shows Tommy Lee Missing Cue While Song Plays | Music News @ Ultimate-Guitar.Com

97X radio (15,000)

WEBN radio, Contact: Nudge (on air DJ) (220,000) Theft Date: July 28, 2022

Tommy Lee Fakes It On Stage | WEBN | Nudge (iheart.com)

V101.1 radio (Sacramento, CA) (26,000)

Jam’n 107.5 radio (Oregon) (63,000)

Metal Wani webzine (Germany) (293,000)

WRIF radio (113,000), Theft Date: July 28, 2022 Contact: 101 WRIF – FM Detroit | Facebook

Is Motley Crue Using a Backing Track for Tommy Lee’s Drums? (wrif.com)

Metal Addicts webzine (217,000)

Planet rock radio (United Kingdom) (371,000) *Contact: Wyatt Wendels Facebook

Video appears to show Tommy Lee using backing track at Mötley Crüe show | Rock News – Planet Rock (planetradio.co.uk) Theft Date: July 28, 2022

Heavi YouTube Channel (59,000)

(This channel previously posted a TMD story about the infamous Vince Meal fight “The Real Reason For Tommy Lee’s Broken Ribs” and they gave us credit. But this time they steal the story from TMD. Makes no sense!)

Motley Crue’s Tommy Lee caught faking his drumming? – YouTube

Wearethepit.com (592.000) Theft Date: July 28,2022

Is Mötley Crüe’s Tommy Lee Using A Backing Track For His Drumming? (wearethepit.com)

Loudwire, (2.8 million followers) Contact Joe Divita, Theft Date: July 27,2022

Video Appears to Show Motley Crue Using Backing Track for Drums (loudwire.com)

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