July 19, 2024

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MÖTLEY CRÜE’s Tommy Lee Busted Using Backing Tracks: “Not quite sure how the cymbals started playing themselves…” (UPDATED)

MÖTLEY CRÜE‘s trainwreck comeback tour rolled into Kansas City on July 19th last year with a mountain of negative concert reviews piled up behind them. Just when you think things can’t get any worse, the Crue’s drummer, Tommy Lee, pulls off the biggest blunder yet. Yes, it’s even worse than calling his singer “Vince Meal” and getting the shit kicked out of him.

“Tommy Lee is the latest member of the, “I CHEAT ONSTAGE WITH BACKING TRACKS” after getting busted for not being behind his drum kit as cymbal crashes begin introing “Looks That Kill” while the band played in Kansas City on July 19th. Watch the video and you’ll see Tommy’s drum tech adjusting something with the drum kit as Tommy frantically rushes the tech out from behind the kit but not before drum sounds are heard coming through the PA.” – WEBN 102.7 FM

A YouTube user named Curt Taft has uploaded concert footage (see above) from the Crue’s most recent gig on The Stadium Tour and at the start of “Looks That Kill” fans will clearly see and hear Lee not even behind the kit yet, but somehow his drums start playing themselves.

The massive news story authored by acclaimed rock journalist and heavy metal band promoter Randy “Rocket” Cody of TMD exploded and was published on dozens of iHeart radio station sites, gaining millions of views overnight last year, creating an instant scandal in rock n roll music, exposing the use of backing tracks at stadium concerts by the top rock bands charging the fans the highest ticket prices. Backing tracks is a common practice among the elite music stars. The scandal subsequently was fully confirmed by ousted Crue guitarist Mick Mars, wherein he contends that all members but himself were guilty of using backing tape during The Stadium Tour.