John 5 Back Pedals on New MÖTLEY CRÜE Album, Says “I don’t know if we’ll just release singles or an album”

John 5 Back Pedals on New MÖTLEY CRÜE Album, Says “I don’t know if we’ll just release singles or an album”

Is there already drama in the new Crue camp? Mick Mars replacement guitarist John 5 has gone on the record in a brand new interview, where the guitarist, who has apparently begun to distance himself from the glam metal band’s ongoing legal drama, states that he is not sure if the Crue is even going to move forward with releasing a new studio album. It might only be some singles.

Here is an excerpt from the interview. John 5 said:

“I don’t know when it’s gonna come out, but everything is a plan. Everything is mapped out and structured, and everything is, ‘We’re gonna do it here and there,’ and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. So the songs are recorded, mixed, mastered. And they’re so good. I can’t wait for them to come out. They’re so good. I’m really excited about ’em.”

“Who knows what’s going to happen? I don’t know if we’ll just release singles or an album. It’s up to those guys, so I don’t know. We just record and see what happens.”

In his lawsuit launched against the Crue for “ripping him off”, Mars contends that he carried the band in the studio and on the stage for 41 years, and he seeks to gain majority shareholder status, in attempt to regain control of the band he helped to create and named himself. Mars does not think that Sixx can pull off a new album successfully without him, and this is why the pressure is mounting for Sixx and his new guitarist, who is said to be “stressed out” behind closed doors and was more than happy to let AI technology compose the new Crue songs. The writing is on the wall. John 5 is in over his head.

It’s said that Producer Bob Rock, who will be Nikki Sixx‘s substitute studio bassist, has also employed AI technology and Scott Stapp (CREED) to recreate a new version of Vince Neil’s voice, believe it or not, and also the AI was used to help program other instrumentation throughout the newly cut songs, along with composing all of them and generating lyrics.

One of the new songs that was tracked by Rock and the Crue was a Beastie Boys cover, which the band played live at their secret London gig. Tommy Lee handled most of the lead vocals. This is a sign that the band knows they cannot feature Neil’s vocals right now because they are so bad. Nobody has heard the new original songs as of yet. AI is the weapon of choice for most producers today, as it allows the production to move more swiftly and waste less money. That equals more profits.

John 5 has booked some solo tour dates kicking off in January of 2024.