July 24, 2024

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Industry Source: Bob Rock Used AI Technology To Compose Songs For MÖTLEY CRÜE’s New Album

TMD has launched an independent investigation into whether or not Nikki Sixx of MÖTLEY CRÜE is actually performing his bass live as he says he is, and also, to once and for all confirm that Bob Rock indeed is the “ghost bassist” on the new Crue album.

According to rumors, Sixx hired producer Bob Rock for his ability to play bass in the studio. As a “ghost bassist” for the Crue, Rock was the obvious choice to play the bass parts, as Sixx was not skilled enough to do so himself.

In 2020, Rock was interviewed by Gibson about the experience he had producing Dr. Feelgood album, and it is clear as day to see that Rock is covering up for Nikki Sixx not being able to play bass. In the discussion, Rock mentions that Sixx “was taking bass lessons” at the time that the Crue approached him to produce Dr. Feelgood. He even goes on to mock more by saying that Sixx was “playing with his fingers” and was “really good”. Yet anyone else in the rock industry will tell you that Sixx cannot play the bass to save his own life. Plus, he only has been seen mime-playing with picks. The sorry fact is that Sixx has no clue how to properly play a bass guitar with a pick, let alone fingers.

This is why he is playing along to backing tracks during all of the Crue’s concerts, according to the ousted 72-year-old shredder Mick Mars.

Bob Rock is famous for having played bass for METALLICA. In the interview Rock goes on to say that he thinks that Vince Neil being out of the band in 1994 when Rock produced the band’s infamous self-titled record was crushing to the Crue, despite the fact that John Corabi was a really fantastic singer.

The word is that Rock insisted that if he was going to be involved with the new Crue album that the band needed to keep Vince Neil, even as the troubled singer’s alcoholic downward spiral and horrendous live vocal performances continue, all having been foreshadowed long before with Neil saying his “voice is gone” during a solo gig before the Crue’s comeback, followed next by a drunken accident where Neil fell off the stage. Rock is so passionate about Neil being in Crue that it was a deal breaker for him, so Sixx had no choice but to keep Neil in the band. This is why they have done everything possible to “prop up” Neil during their comeback tour with teleprompter and doing the Milli Vanilli “lip sync”.

This past spring, John 5 told Sirius XM‘s “Trunk Nation With Eddie Trunk” about recording with Rock: “Bob would come in and [say], ‘Okay, let’s try this here, and that here and this here. It was one of the most incredible experiences ever… I’m thinking, ‘We’ve got so much great technology today’…

And word coming out of Crue’s camp is that the band, opted to use AI technology to help them get things done quicker, and that is why after 15 years of not being able to come up with a new album’s worth of material, they did it under Rock’s helm in the snap of a finger, taking just a few weeks.

Vince Neil’s vocals have reportedly been recreated with the help of AI technology and CREED singer Scott Stapp, who was secretly brought in to help render an AI version of Neil’s voice that is to be used on the album, not Vince’s real voice. The bass playing will be performed/programmed by Rock, including the AI rendering, that ultimately replaces the need for anyone else to record anything, including drums.

The industry source confirmed that AI is being used 100% to make the Crue’s new album: “The whole thing is AI technology for the most part, there’s very little if any human beings on the record.”

They told Vince that he could just record his vocals over a Zoom call, to make him think he is still really a part of the album’s production, but in reality, Vince is just a puppet at this point.

This is all about business for Rock and Sixx. They know without Vince Neil fronting the Crue that the sales for the new album would bomb so they are going to keep the deception going.

MÖTLEY CRÜE is in the midst of a major “backing tracks” scandal amid a major lawsuit launched against them by their former guitarist Mick Mars. TMD was again the first to expose the truth to fans and the media last year when Randy “Rocket” Cody of TMD predicted that Vince Neil would have to lip-sync on The Stadium Tour. Mars confirmed everything that Rocket reported, going on to state that he carried the band and that Sixx was behind the sinister move to silence him and remove him from the band, not just touring, but also in the studio as well.

Rocket of TMD also is responsible for catching drummer Tommy Lee playing along to a pre-recorded track last year on tour, when his drums started playing before he was even sitting down to play the kit.

In his lawsuit, Mars alleged the band reduced his share of earnings from 25 percent to just five percent. He also said that he was the only band member to play 100 percent live on their most recent tour, claiming Sixx “Did not play a single note on bass during the entire U.S. tour.”

At one point during a 2023 concert in Mexico, Sixx is seen raising both his arms into the air while crossing the stage past Neil, yet somehow the bass miraculously continues to play by itself. Check out the shocking footage below.

Randy Rocket Cody (@rocketmetalden) / Twitter