June 19, 2024

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Footage Of MÖTLEY CRÜE’s Nikki Sixx Performing The Worst Bass Solo Of All Time

Check out the absolutely hilarious footage of MÖTLEY CRÜE‘s Nikki Sixx performing the worst bass solo of all-time in his home state of all places, during a 1987 Crue gig in Tacoma, Washington. View the unintentional musical disaster below via TikTok.

The Crue are in the midst of a major lawsuit brought against them by former guitarist Mick Mars, who claimed in the suit that Sixx did not play one note live at the glam band’s comeback in North America last year titled The Stadium Tour. Mars also confirmed as TMD stated was happening all along, that Tommy Lee also was using backing tracks for his drums, while Vince Neil was lip-syncing.

TMD just issued a new article that clearly proves Sixx himself is also faking it at concerts as Mars said, playing along to backing tracks, during a recent 2023 gig in Mexico, where he gets caught raising both arms in the air, yet his bass continues to play notes somehow.

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Judge for yourself. However, once you view the following video evidence, you will quickly be able to determine like everyone else around the rock world that Nikki Sixx is not a skilled bassist and really has no damn idea what he is doing on the four strings. The solo is so horrible and poorly executed that at one point Sixx just does a forward tumble quasi cartwheel all the way across the stage in hopes that he can look cool enough to save face for delivering what easily goes down as the worst bass solo ever.

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Here is what the fans are saying about the forthcoming new MÖTLEY CRÜE album. As fully expected, it is totally brutal!

“So they kick Mick Mars out of the band, and just like that they have an albums worth of material ready to record?”

“It’s going to be a hacked-together album written and recorded with A.I. software. It won’t even be Vince’s voice on it but it’ll sound exactly like him in his prime. I wouldn’t be surprised if the photos Nikki is posting with all the big studio gear is staged because what they’re going to release can be done on a laptop.”

“What a bunch of lying sacks of shit!!!!”

“Motley Crue try not to be complete fucking morons challenge: impossible”

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