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MARDUK – Fire Bassist For Making Nazi Salute On The Stage

Swedish black metal band MARDUK has announced that they have parted ways with their bassist Joel Lindholm after a video surfaced showing him performing a Nazi salute on stage.

According to the band’s Facebook post, Lindholm’s departure was due to “intolerable stage antics” during Marduk’s performance at Incineration Fest. The band’s former bass player, Magnus Andersson (aka Devo), has agreed to step in on a temporary basis to fill the void.

The video in question shows Marduk performing at Incineration Fest in Camden, UK. Around the 45-minute mark, Lindholm can be seen performing what appears to be a Nazi salute

Check out the video below and judge for yourself. 

The statement the band gave is as follows:

“Following a variety of intolerable stage antics by a very drunk Joel at Incineration Fest last week, he has vacated his position in the band. Our old friend and bass player Devo has agreed to step in on a temporary basis, so this is unlikely to affect any of upcoming shows.”