June 19, 2024

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MÖTLEY CRÜE’s The Stadium Tour: Was It The Biggest Con In Rock N Roll History?

MÖTLEY CRÜE’s The Stadium Tour:

Was It The Biggest Con In Rock N Roll History?

by Randy “Rocket” Cody

Did MÖTLEY CRÜE just pull off the greatest rock n roll swindle of all time?

Amid the new lawsuit hurled at the embarrassed Sixx and company, who have now been exposed as employing fake playing at concerts, the band must now contend with the wrath of their fans who feel they too were “ripped off” just like Mick Mars.

Nikki Sixx made claims about Mick’s faltering playing while the truth seems to be that Sixx himself did not play a single note on bass during the entire U.S. tour. This all happened after TMD reported first that Tommy Lee was caught fake drumming during The Stadium Tour. Next Mick Mars confirmed the con was on when he revealed that 100% of Sixx’s bass parts were nothing but recordings, yet Mars played 100% of his parts live as the fans expected of him.

Let’s get real, ladies and gentlemen. Fakey Sixx was seen fist pumping in the air with his strumming hand, while the bass part was playing. Who is the real con artist here?

The fans shelled out over $170,000,000 in ticket sales last year to see the Crue’s mighty comeback.

This was after over one million Americans died due to COVID-19, which is why the Crue’s debacle was postponed twice to begin with, and this plandemic purposefully spawned a horrendous economic downturn in the USA that people are still recovering from right now.

TMD also predicted in a press story last year that Vince Neil aka “Vince Meal” – as he was called by Lee that led to a purported fight at final band rehearsal – would be forced to lip-sync at all of the Crue’s shows due to his inability to sing properly, after continuing on a downward spiral thanks to excessive binge eating and drinking $10,000 bottles of booze. Once the shit hit the fan, and the wheels started to come off the Crue’s bogus concerts, the reality finally hit people smack in the face that their favorite metal band was pulling one over on their own fanbase.

The truth of the matter is Vince Neil is a big drunken slob who did not hold up his end of the deal. It is obvious that Sixx and the Crue’s shady manager Kovac are now using Mars as a scapegoat, attempting to blame the shitshow on the aging rocker’s supposed diminished abilities as a performer.

What happened to the revolutionary fat burning device Neil claimed to be using? What about getting sober and into shape long enough so he could actually sing the Crue’s classic songs for real?

The cat was let out of the bag as Deadline.com sums it up: “Some fans actually noticed that Lee was walking toward his drum set as they heard his drum part begin.”

The elderly Mars does admit he wasn’t always jamming the right power chord during his last few months with the band, but that was not his fault. “Mars, at times on the tour, did play the wrong chords, but not due to any cognitive dysfunction,” the 28-page petition states. “He was playing live, and his in-ear monitors were constantly malfunctioning, causing Mars to be unable to hear his own instrument.”

Sixx allegedly hurled insults at Mars, and told him he was “too old”, sentiments which were echoed by Lee also, as TMD reported, and the constant in fighting doomed the original lineup of the beloved Crue.

Undoubtedly, the shocking claims of ‘faking it’ pushed Crüe closer to the infamous Milli Vanilli territory and this drove Mars nuts. Now you have Mick standing up and exposing the biggest frauds in metal history. How can things get any worse?

Not naming any of his bandmates as defendants, the April 4 petition by Mars, filed by renowned music lawyer Edwin F. McPherson and Pierre B. Pine of LA’s McPherson LLP, looks for a state judge to provide the guitarist with “access to documents related to the band’s various holdings, of which he is a 25% owner/participant.”

In the end, with Sixx, Neil and Lee as corporate directors, the actual defendants are Mötley Crüe Touring, Inc., Mötley Crüe, Inc., Red, White and Crue, Inc., Masters 2000, Inc., Cruefest, LLC, Mötley Records, LLC, Masters 2008, LLC, as well as various unnamed business entities.

Read the filing here.

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