June 15, 2024

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Man Claims Mick Mars “Ripped Me Off” And “Stole My Gibson SG Guitar!”

MÖTLEY CRÜE‘s former guitarist launched a lawsuit against his ex bandmates for being “ripped off” and now an old friend of the guitarist is claiming that Mick Mars stole his Gibson SG guitar and never returned it. This is not a joke.

A man named John Bristow who claims to be an old friend of Mick’s before he became famous as the guitarist of MÖTLEY CRÜE says that his buddy originally known as Bob Deal “ripped him off” after Mr. Bristow gave Mick Mars a place to live at his home, in exchange for helping restore a guitar that Mr. Bristow owned and cherished.

As the story goes, Mick Mars took possession of the guitar but never returned it, and Mr. Bristow said he later on found out that Mick gave that guitar autographed by all of Crue’s members to a Hard Rock Cafe to put on display. Listen to the shocking testimony below.

Mr. Bristow states in the video that he not only gave Mick a place to live, but also allowed him to drive his Porsche 924 around, and considered him to be a good guy, until the day that the guitarist ripped him off.