VOLBEAT – Debut New Music Video

VOLBEAT have unleashed a music video for their song “Last Day Under The Sun.” You can view it above. The band once again teamed with director Jakob Printzlau on the clip with the song’s lyrics taking inspiration from a book which vocalist/guitarist Michael Poulsen read about the late country legend Johnny Cash.

He commented of that “When I read his book, he went through tough times with alcohol and drugs… He walked into a cave to lay down to die. But he wakes up and feels like he has been given a second chance.” Volbeat‘s new album “Rewind, Replay, Rebound” is slated for an August 02nd release on Republic Records.

Band Members

Michael Poulsen – Guitar/Vocals
Jon Larsen – Drums
Rob Caggiano – Guitar
Kaspar Boye Larsen – Bass

Volbeat are sick and tired of music purists wagging their finger at them. They refuse to be confined to the pigeonhole of a specific genre but throw off all fetters intended to keep them on the ground. In the past four years, this thoroughly honest attitude has made the four musicians from Denmark one of the hottest acts on the rock scene. Sold-out venues everywhere, celebrated festival appearances at the Rock am Ring festival, during the Sonisphere Festival Tour, and opening for Metallica and AC/DC – and now they’re about to release their latest album “Beyond Hell/Above Heaven”.

13 September will see the arrival of the 13-track recording, and as they did on their previous four releases, the band has succeeded again in combing the sound of the Fifties with that metal flair. If you were to draw a picture of Volbeat’s sound, it would feature Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley and Metallica – all of them peacefully united, cool drink in hand. “Beyond Hell/Above Heaven” is a perfect mix of heavy riffs, country coolness and rockabilly hip swing. The result makes not only the heart of a headbanger, but also that of a quiff wearer beat faster. Fans of anthemnic oeuvres are likely to press the Repeat button to listen to “Fallen” again, those more into quiet sounds will love “Heaven Nor Hell”, while up-tempo buffs will get down to business listening to “A Warrior’s Call.”

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