THE METAL DEN – Fundraiser On January 17th!

This has nothing to do with religion… and everything to do with METAL!

This coming Friday, (1/17) Randy “Rocket” Cody of TMD is going to launch an emergency fundraiser at TMD to try and save both of his sites and from being taken offline.

Here’s the official word from the man himself:

“Due to increasing costs to run a basic website annually, including costly ‘site certification’ and other operational needs that run into costing me now thousands of dollars yearly, I am turning to my readers to help make sure that I am not going to face being shutdown. Fans know that over the past 3 years, I headed up the #TruthForChris and #TruthForChester causes online that took a lot of time, energy and money out of my pocket, this includes YouTube demonetizing my rightful royalties owed to me for the millions of views my uploads get. My work on #Pedogate has been deemed too controversial by the elitist yet YouTube still runs ads over my content, so that they can profit off my hard work!! I am also currently suspended from YouTube, and not allowed to upload new content. Yet they keep profiting off my old uploads!!”

#TruthForChris & #TruthForChester: I proved both men were murdered over Pedogate!

“Can you pledge $10, $20 or $50 today so when next Friday (1/17) comes and my Fundraiser campaign launches that you actually go to donate the funds via Facebook or GoFundMe platforms? If I can raise at least $2,000 dollars for my operating budget before month’s end, I believe that will be enough for me to keep both sites online. This is the 14th year TMD site has been in operation and I’d hate to see it go down over such a small amount that can easily be raised.

Thanks in advance for always having my back at TMD!”
Horns UP,


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