THE GREAT OLD ONES – New Album Details

French Lovecraftian black metal masters THE GREAT OLD ONES have unveiled the cover art, album title, and track listing for their upcoming new record, Cosmicism. In conjunction with the announcement, the band has shared an album teaser, which can be seen above.

Vocalist and guitarist Benjamin Guerry comments: “‘Cosmicism’ is a literary philosophy developed by H.P. Lovecraft. In summary, this philosophy expresses the fact that humans are totally insignificant in the light of what is happening in the cosmos, events that we can’t understand, issues that are beyond us. Each song on this album features a specific Lovecraftian entity, as well as the protagonist who meets her, sinking into admiration and madness.”

The artwork for Cosmicism has been created by Jeff Grimal. The album release date and pre-sales will be announced at a later date.

Track listing:

1. Cosmic Depths (01:47)
2. The Omniscient (09:26)
3. Of Dementia (06:16)
4. Lost Carcosa (08:57)
5. A Thousand Young (11:44)
6. Dreams of the Nuclear Chaos (04:27)
7. Nyarlathotep (07:29)
8. To A Dreamer (07:34) Bonus Track

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