Steven Tyler’s Hologram Malfunctions On Stage!

This past Saturday, April 13th, during legendary rock act AEROSMITH‘s Las Vegas residency, fans witnessed lead singer Steven Tyler at one point suddenly suffer a strange case of ‘transparent hologram fingers’ while working his way through “Livin’ On The Edge”, the hit track that AEROSMITH has performed live for the past 25 years, ever since recording it for the 1993 studio album “Get A Grip.”

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Holograms staged in live concert situations have unfortunately become popular in rock music in recent years, with late vocalist, Ronnie James Dio, among others, touring around with a fake version of themselves performing for the audience that pays for a thrilling “live performance.”

There is a wild conspiracy theory floating around right now that claims alien reptilian shapeshifters (an army of ‘not of this world’ elite celebs, politicians and rockers) are staging a covert takeover of humanity currently, but what the hell do those jack asses know about anything, right?

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