ROCKET REVIEW: Jamey Jasta – “The Lost Chapters” (CD)

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American hardcore metal hero, Jamey Jasta (HATEBREED), returns in 2017 with his second solo album and it features some of the most slamming tunes he has ever released in his epic heavy music career. The forty year old vocalist known for his psychotic sounding, Drill Sergeant vocal style, delivers a fierce flow of neck thrashers no doubt, kicking off with the totally dominating “This Is Your Life” and “Parasitic”. Next up “The Same Flame”, which has one of the best guitar riffs on the whole record, takes the chaos to the next level for sure. The production by Jasta is top notch and the thing I like the most is that there are not as many guest vocalists on this album like the debut. I prefer to hear this dude’s vocals alone without anyone else, because he sounds too heavy to be mixed with most singers, in my opinion, and it does not blend well.

The next set of crushers don’t slow things down. The simply punishing “Back To What Matters”, perfectly brutal “Until We Bleed Again”, and “Chasing Demons” (feat. Howard Jones) hit you square in the chest. The song that follows is also another personal favorite, “The Immortal”, which Jasta wrote as the walk out song for UFC fighter, Matt “The Immortal” Brown, who was one of the audience members that witnessed Dimebag get killed on the stage back in 2004. What endears Jasta to the underground of metal so much for so many years I feel is he speaks for the average blue collar worker in a way very few in extreme music truly do, reminiscent of a legendary name like PANTERA. Jasta treats his fans with respect. His music is uncompromising, yet masterfully poetic. The album concludes with two crushers “Deadly Business” and a totally awesome cover of the BLACK SABBATH classic “Buried Alive”.

Four Stars
Jamey Jasta – “The Lost Chapters” (CD)

(Stillborn Records/2017)

1. This Is Your Life
2. Parasitic
3. The Same Flame
4. Back To What Matters
5. Until We Bleed Again
6. Chasing Demons
7. The Immortal
8. Deadly Business
9. Buried Alive

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