EXHUMED – Release New Music Video

Gore-obsessed death metal band EXHUMED have unleashed their latest album, Horror, via Relapse Records. To coincide with its release, the group have debuted a video for the track, “Utter Mutilation of Your Corpse,” which clocks in at a total running time of just six seconds. Check it out above.

Band Members

Matt Harvey – vocals, guitar
Mike Hamilton – drums
Sebastian Phillips – lead guitar, vocals
Ross Sewage, bass, vocals

Col Jones parted ways with Exhumed in the summer of 2003 due to professional reasons (he is a scientist). In the wake of his departure, Bud Burke also decided to leave the band due to his aversion to a heavy touring schedule.

The band has evolved from a mainly goregrind outfit in their demo days (up to and including most of their album Gore Metal) to a death/grind band with Slaughtercult, and finally a pure death metal band.

Contributed the unreleased song The Beginning of the End to the Patlapse compilation released by Relapse Records on February 20th, 2013.

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