CHRIS CORNELL, Comet Ping Pong & The Witch Of PIZZAGATE


CHRIS CORNELL, Comet Ping Pong & The Witch Of PIZZAGATE

By Randy “Rocket” Cody

As my independent death investigation moves forward for late SOUNDGARDEN vocalist, Chris Cornell, I have unearthed more damning evidence that points to the rock legend being sacrificed due to getting too close to the PEDOGATE scandal AKA “Pizzagate”.

According to this new post on VOAT:

“Soros, Podesta, Rothschild, Abramovic and several Comet Ping Pong bands are all linked to a VIP art gallery in Los Angeles: MOCA. The gallery just happens to have history of occult rituals. Comet Ping Pong has been tied to the Geffen Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, otherwise known as MOCA. Several Comet Ping Pong performers pass through MOCA’s network of galleries implying an intimate connection of paths.”

Since my independent investigation of PEDOGATE became a viral sensation more and more “alleged” pedophile busts have definitely been reported in the online news media.

These are the same people, mind you, who have not been reporting on this problem one bit – until now, because they know my PEDOGATE story back in May gained too much attention and too many people are asking questions about all of these missing kids.

A report came out the other day from Myrtle Beach Online stating:

“Eighty-four children were rescued — and 120 human traffickers were arrested in a nationwide undercover operation that involved a Myrtle Beach hotel. In South Carolina, the three-day operation Oct. 12-15 focused on undercover stings in Myrtle Beach and Columbia. Capt. David Knipes with MBPD said the arrests came as part of the FBI’s operation on the evening of Oct. 13.”

Knights In Satan’s Service

According to the satanic calendar, for which it is known that mason members abide by its dates as the rule of law, October 13th is the official start of “killing season” during the month of Halloween.

My research ties many of the biggest names in Hollywood, music and politics to #PEDOGATE. They may not be taking part in the purported Comet Ping Pong activity, but other powerful elite surrounding Hillary Clinton, indeed are a part of it. They are not only taking part in satanic occult rituals where you must drink human blood mixed with breast milk, but at some point you are expected to sacrifice a loved one for Satan, or even worse, the cult leadership selects you to be massacred and thrown into the Lake of Fire.

The biggest ‘no no’ is to break their oath or potentially be an outside associate, not a real member, but someone who knows more about the cult than the average person walking down the street, and the cult feels you will betray them or disclose info about their membership. From what I understand, those sacrifices are particularly gruesome.

Even if you are merely suspected of speaking ‘important secrets’ about the cult to outside citizens, member or not, you most likely will be eliminated.

Either way, they win, right? And the patsy is made to look like the worst person on the planet after he/she is dead. They were either too weak emotionally to make it or they were involved in some bad stuff themselves as well.

Film producer Harvey Weinstein is a perfect example of another big name celeb being thrown to the fire by the evil cabal.

I would not be shocked if he was found ‘suicided’ next.

Among the masonic membership, police officers of all ranks. Judges. Teachers. Firemen. Hell, your nerdy looking neighbor could be one too. They are everywhere.

The FBI press release confirmed that 12 children were recovered in Detroit, Michigan alone and eight sex traffickers or pimps were arrested. They also said they arrested 46 adults who they say were involved in prostitution.

The youngest victim in the nationwide operation was just 3 months old.

So the exact city where Chris Cornell was found “suicided” has such a problem with child trafficking. Imagine that, right? After all, Chris did a ton of work through his foundation for abused and sexually mistreated children.

It is said that Chris learned too much information about the elite child trafficking epidemic in the USA, via working with certain government agencies through his foundation, and his friend Chester Bennington soon met his demise the same exact way, on Chris’ birthday of all days, just two months later.

The two were very close friends… and I have learned, unfortunately, both were tied directly to key members of the elite satanic cult.

Both rockers had to be silenced.

It is my understanding that Chris and Chester each knew they were going to be killed before they were
‘suicided’. They did not leave ‘suicide notes’ because their handlers would not permit it.


And if they dare spoke of the planned sacrifice to anyone, their entire immediate family would be killed.

Before Chris Cornell performs in Detroit, there is evidence he was possibly dosed which made him easier to subdue after the show. They knew Chris would put up one helluva fight for his life.

My theory is that Chris did fight back in hotel room #1136… but he lost to a bigger man. During this intense struggle is when I believe Chris suffered the 9 rib fractures and “head wound”.

If you watch the video posted online of Chris Cornell performing at his final concert, at one point (41:30) he actually mimics the ‘Jesus Christ Pose’ of being sacrificed on the cross by crossing his raised electric guitar with the microphone stand.

I posted an audio clip of Chris Cornell speaking during a rant from the stage that night, and he blurts out: “Nobody tells me what to do. Nobody tells this band what to do!”

According to the pedophile bust in the news currently:

“Officers staged operations in hotels, casinos, truck stops, and internet sites.”

We all know about Detroit PD staging scenes, right? All you have to do is look at the B.S. photos they showed to us from Chris Cornell’s hotel room to know what you are truly dealing with here.

And the fact is that Detroit PD is covering up the “head wound” evidence as observed by the EMT who pronounced Chris Cornell dead on May 18 at the MGM Grand in Detroit.

The FBI claims “Minors recovered were offered assistance from state protective services and the FBI, as well as medical or mental treatment, if needed.”

Wait a minute. ‘Mental treatment, if needed’. Well yeah, I think every single child that is ever picked up in a sex trafficking operation should get both medical observation and mental therapy. What planet are we living on?

The following departments that were involved in the arrests:

Federal Bureau of Investigation

Michigan State Police

Detroit Police Department

As I explained to all of you before in my past reporting, Michigan is a hot bed for masonic “satanism” activity. There are over 400 lodges scattered all around the state, and I learned that the head of each lodge is the only one who knows about the actual “child sacrifices” that are going on.

This is why so many people are confused, and don’t believe my reporting. They may even have a friend or family in the masonic lodge membership that is clueless and a good person, that is used
to keep the trail off the satanic coven’s despicable deeds.

“We at the FBI have no greater mission than to protect our nation’s children from harm. Unfortunately, the number of traffickers arrested-and the number of children recovered-reinforces why we need to continue to do this important work,” said FBI Director Christopher Wray. “This operation isn’t just about taking traffickers off the street. It’s about making sure we offer help and a way out to these young victims who find themselves caught in a vicious cycle of abuse.”

The report says “Officials credited local, state, and federal partners for their work that led to the arrests.”

“While the recovery of exploited juvenile victims remains our priority, the FBI will continue to work tirelessly to rescue anyone being commercially trafficked and exploited,” said David P. Gelios, Special Agent in Charge, Detroit Division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

As part of Operation Cross Country XI, FBI Denver Special Agent in Charge Calvin Shivers and Victim Specialist Anne Darr describe the primary role of the FBI’s national multi-agency initiative—to recover children who are being trafficked.

I reported that 70 kids have gone missing in Kansas. It doesn’t seem like the FBI is too concerned with all of these kids in that part of the country.

Not one billboard has gone up. Not one major national news program on TV has reported anything to try and maybe, I dunno, help find some of these missing children.

I believe the FBI and CIA are involved along with members of US congress and other high level people in the world of law, Hollywood, music and the mainstream news media, who have conspired to allow this trafficking to continue going on for decades.

And now it’s being kicked around that President Donald Trump should hire Amazon’s Jeff Bezos to be the new head of the CIA.

Wait a minute. You mean Jeff Bezos who just had a cloud computer contract worth $600 million granted to him by the CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY?

Because that same Jeff Bezos is also tied closely to John Podesta.

I detailed in a story that was taken down for no reason off YouTube, called “The House of Horrors”, where puportedly Bezos has bought the biggest home in the state of Washington to hold “pizza parties” for the DNC.

FACT: The Mainstream Media Thinks You Are An Idiot!

I actually obtained the flights manifests for convicted billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, and indeed I was able to substantiate the fact that Bill Clinton was a passenger on two flights back to back on the ‘Lolita Express”.

Hillary and Bill Clinton are tied to John Podesta because he ran her 2016 presidential campaign and was Chief-of-Staff for Bill when he was going to be impeached for the Monica Lewinsky sex scandal.

Investigator Monica Peterson was found dead after her work on the Haiti trafficking scandal involving the Clinton’s and one of their own people, an associate named Laura Silsby.

Hillary and Bill Clinton provided assistance to the convicted Silsby, resulting in a reduced sentence for child trafficking. In other words, the Clinton’s are involved in the most diabolical crimes
known to man and they have been pulling it off for decades.

What I learned from an anonymous source is that when these humans, mainly women that are pregnant, are trafficked into America, the primary goal is to steal the child away from the mother so it can be sacrificed.

Think about it. Some totally powerless woman from another country that cannot speak English and has no family in the USA is the perfect target for that kind of crime. It’s full proof.

Last summer, DNC employee, Seth Rich, was found shot to death on the street (though his wallet or money was not taken) after he reportedly leaked John Podesta’s emails to Wikileaks.


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