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CHRIS CORNELL, The Child Killers & All Hallow’s Eve!


CHRIS CORNELL, The Child Killers & All Hallow’s Eve!

(This report originally posted on October 20, 2017)

By Randy “Rocket” Cody

As my independent death investigation for late SOUNDGARDEN vocalist Chris Cornell continues, Associated Press has now reported that 70 kids have “disappeared” from the foster care homes they were placed with during the month of October/2017 in the state of Kansas.

Like I said before to all of you, the month of October, most importantly, the second half including
Halloween – AKA ‘All Hallow’s Eve’ – is the busiest time for satanic ritual child sacrifices.

This is only further verification that I have been right all along about the escalation that occurs all throughout Satan’s month. Yet not even one national news program on TV is reporting on this story.

Why is that?

It only made it on the local news in Kansas. If that doesn’t send chills down your spine, you are already one of the walking dead, got it?

What is it going to take to wake everyone in America up from their mind controlled states?

Chris Cornell dedicated much of his personal resources, time and effort, and a lot of money out of his own ticket sales, not to forget a ton of memorabilia he donated to raise funds, to help fight this problem globally.

As I stated with my very first #TruthForChris article that eventually exploded into a viral sensation in July, there is some evil stuff going on for sure. Ultimately my acclaimed investigation was brought up in a subsequent story that was shared 1,000,000 times on just this one site (over 100 republished it) about Chris’ good friend being found dead in the exact same manner Chris was found… and to make it even more hair raising… vocalist Chester Bennington of LINKIN PARK was discovered and assumed a suicide by hanging death on Chris’ birthday.

No doubt my investigation, for both Chris and Chester, has been exposed to hundreds of millions over the past months. But I am not in this for a popularity contest. I am being heavily censored by YouTube, Twitter and Facebook currently. My videos that gets tens of thousands of views are not even allowed to be monetized.

Bottom line. I want the truth and nothing but the damn truth. And I will not stop until all my questions get answered.

My belief is that Chris Cornell… and Chester Bennington… were both “suicided” – within 2 months of one another – for knowing too much about the elite Washington D.C. pedophile ring at the heart of the worldwide child trafficking epidemic.

Where are these kids disappearing to?

Well, for starters, Child Protective Services, along with other organizations, including local authorities, etc.. are allegedly pulling kids out of their homes with false accusations of parental abuse and then placing these innocent children into sick, perverted pedophile residences.

The total number of missing kids in the USA over just the past 5 years alone is staggering at this point.

The estimation is well over 1 million kids have simply vanished never to be seen again in just that short span. 50,000 kids in the USA each month go missing due to abduction. They are either being sold into sex slavery or they are sexually tortured, harvested for blood, internal organs and body parts, and then sacrificed to the Lake of Fire in the name of Satan himself.

Here is the official news story on the matter:

WICHITA, Kan. (AP) – Lawmakers are expressing outrage after learning more than 70 foster children are missing in Kansas.

The Kansas City Star reports that foster care contractors discussed the issue Tuesday. The discussion was prompted by the disappearance in August of three sisters from a northeast Kansas foster home. Democratic Sen. Laura Kelly, of Topeka, says she’s “flabbergasted.”

The Kansas Department for Children and Families’ chief, Phyllis Gilmore, says in many cases children went to their biological families or other people with whom they have a relationship.

Chad Anderson, an official for one contractor, KVC Kansas, says the number of missing represents about 1 percent of the foster care population and is in line with the national average. But Anderson acknowledged more could be done to share day-to-day information about missing youth.

Firstly, to just push off such a tragic occurrence as ‘par for the course’ is totally indicative of an overall ‘oh well, shit happens’ attitude toward looking into the disappearances of kids. Nobody in Kansas or in the US government is going to do anything but make excuses because I believe they are 100% involved in a huge cover up.

We are not talking about a handful of kids, okay? Seventy youngsters are missing in America at this very moment… in just one state!

And nobody in the mainstream news will report one word.

Again. Ask yourself, “Why is that?”

It is because the mainstream news has been helping to keep this tragic nightmare from getting out into the general public. Many of the GM’s of stations, TV and radio are masonic I have learned.

A report issued on Tuesday by states:

The most recent was last week’s child welfare task force meeting, where Gilmore and her office appeared unaware that three sisters in a Tonganoxie foster home had been missing since Aug. 26. After 51 days, the girls (15, 14 and 12) were found in the Kansas City area Monday with a former neighbor who has been detained as a “person of interest.”

Gilmore, the department’s leader for 5 1/2 years, noted during the hearing that more than 70 Kansas foster kids are listed as missing. It’s not outside national averages for missing foster kids, but it remains a troubling number – about 1 percent of foster kids in Kansas aren’t where they’re supposed to be.

Another disturbing incident occurred in August, when a 22-month-old boy drowned in a decorative fish pond in the back yard of a foster home near Fort Scott. State regulations for foster care include protecting children from standing water more than 24 inches deep that’s within 50 yards of the house. The boy’s biological mother said the pond was 2 to 2 1/2 feet deep and 15 to 20 feet from the home’s back door.

DCF is investigating the boy’s death, but it seems clear the department’s regulations weren’t being followed with the pond. As of last week, the dead boy’s two siblings continued in foster care at the same home.

Last month, the child welfare task force learned foster children spent more than 100 nights over the past year sleeping in offices of the state’s two private foster contractors because there weren’t places in homes for them.

Also being looked at is DCF’s handling of the child-abuse case involving Evan Brewer, the 3-year-old grandson of gubernatorial candidate Carl Brewer found dead at a south Wichita home in early September.

While some Democrats have previously called for Gilmore to resign, a Republican made a similar plea last week. Gubernatorial candidate Mark Hutton, a former state lawmaker from Wichita, said last week that Gilmore’s tenure included “a near endless stream of failures affecting foster children, at-risk youth, and children facing abuse in their home environments.”

DCF’s performance has been so shaky under Gilmore, lawmakers saw a need this year to create the task force overseeing the agency. Her answers to the task force have kept her on the hot seat.

She says children run away from foster care and back to their biological families – the same families deemed to be unsafe for the children. That shouldn’t be an excuse. DCF should either be more aggressive in preventing children from returning to biological families or take an internal look at its procedures for removing children in the first place. The middle ground isn’t best here.

The fact of the matter is DCF, CPS, the US government and mainstream news are not only keeping this problem out of the public eye, they are only making it worse and worse.

My belief is they don’t care what happens to these kids, because they are taking big money bribes to give them up to elite satanic covens all around the state… or they get sold to a known pedophile that they placed that child with, knowing full well the depravity that innocent kid will suffer.

Think about it.

“Here comes the pain!”

They DCF or state of Kansas itself DID NOT even issue a public message with a toll free number to call so if anyone happens to find some of these missing kids, maybe… I dunno, someone can actually do something to get them some help! How about at least a few billboards to let the public know what is happening?

No. They can’t do that. Because then we would actually learn who is pulling all the strings. And the satanic elite are too rich and in charge of everything to allow that to happen.

And they will continue to taunt all of us who are in the know about their heinous activities.

When Chris Brown’s new video features the decapitated likeness of Chris Cornell you know they are having a damn good time with this. The video itself serves as a party for Satan… and an ultimate middle finger to “truthers” like me, exposing them to the world for the first time.

The maker of the video is even bold enough to put a disclaimer at the start of this satanic homage as “art” and not to be taken seriously.

Are you kidding me? Are we all adults around here or not?

Whether that is Chris Cornell’s likeness or not, decapitated heads are the furthest thing from “art”!!

This is beyond ridiculous at this point. Anyone who does not believe my theory is either one of them or you need to have your head examined.