BLAME ZEUS – New Lyric Video Released

Portuguese progressive/alternative metal act BLAME ZEUS are proud to release a brand new lyric video off the newest album ‘SEETHE‘, now available worldwide via Rockshots Records.

“‘DOWN TO OUR BONES‘ speaks of trust misgiven, and learning from our mistakes. That gut feeling of disgust about someone who you misread completely in the past”, states the band about the song. The track features RUI DUARTE (R.A.M.P.) as special guest.

The lyric video is available on YouTube and can viewed above.

‘SEETHE’ is now available both as CD format and digital on the major stores:

With influences that range from progressive metal to alternative rock, their music can be better described as an intense and heavy rock, but also with intimate and nostalgic ballads. 

Previous singles released from ‘SEETHE‘:
“No” ➤
“The Warden” ➤
“Bloodstained Hands” ➤

Track Listing:

1. How To Successfully Implode 
2. Déjà Vu 
3. Down To Our Bones 
4. White 
5. Bloodstained Hands 
6. The Obsession Lullaby 
7. Into The Womb 
8. No 
9. The Warden 
10. The Crown and The Gun 

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