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METAL CHURCH – Announces Marc Lopes as New Singer

In 2021 METAL CHURCH lost its frontman when Mike Howe passed away.

Now the band has confirmed who will be accepting that role, as well as letting fans know that the first new album in five years is on the way.

Marc Lopes, former vocalist of Ross The Boss and Let Us Prey, has been announced as Metal Church’s new frontman. According to the band, a new album will be released with Lopes, and the band did not seek to duplicate their previous vocalists when searching for a new frontman. The new release will be Metal Church’s first since Damned If You Do in 2018.

Yes, the rumors are true, it’s official! Please welcome vocalist Marc Lopes to the congregation! We auditioned a handful of vocalists and while they were all great, Marc quickly became the clear choice. Both David Wayne and Mike Howe had a very unique, irreplaceable quality to their voices, so we were not looking for a clone of either. We wanted someone new, who could embrace the past, and also bring something fresh and exciting to the mix. Marc brings a very classic yet modern feel to the songs and we are looking forward to getting this new album out to you later this year! Thank you for your continued support of Metal Church! Love & respect, Kurdt Vanderhoof