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2022: Year in Review – The Vince Meal Fight

Not many incidents of violence have ever gone down in the history of rock n roll quite like the purported fight between MÖTLEY CRÜE’s drummer Tommy Lee and singer Vince Neil. A brawl for the ages that was said to have taken place during the final Crue band rehearsal this year before the Stadium Tour kicked off, a highly anticipated comeback for the glam metal band, after their return was postponed twice due to Covid-19. The fight, whether it really happened or not, goes down in rock history either as the biggest hoax ever or a crazy true rock story that will never be forgotten. A silly cover story was allegedly used to cover it up, and some speculate this ongoing Lee/Neil feud has led the Crue’s Nikki Sixx to seriously start searching for a new lead singer, after Mick Mars has already jumped ship.

Easily the most outrageous news story to drop in rock music in 2022, the press blew TMD’s story up like Vince Neil ruins a bathroom stall after visiting an all you can eat buffet.

As reported by TMD: (via The Pit)

“Tommy was making jokes about Vince’s weight problem, and he just kept calling the singer derogatory names like ‘Fat boy’ and ‘Vince Meal’ during band practice, escalating to a big confrontation between the two.

“The worst part,” the source adds, “is that when Vince attacked Tommy, he actually tackled him like a football player, and it knocked the drummer back into his drum kit where he fell onto one of his cymbals really hard.”

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The incident of fat shaming highlighted the bitter in fighting that has continued to sabotage the Crue’s live performances, and saw Lee actually get caught fake playing the drums, believe it or not.