June 21, 2024

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DEVILDRIVER – Part Ways with Drummer Austin D’Amond, Replacement Announced

DEVILDRIVER has parted ways with their drummer Austin D’Amond. D’Amound joined the band in 2015 filling in for longtime drummer John Boecklin and was featured on the band’s Trust No One (2016), Outlaws ’til the End: Vol 1 (2018), and Dealing with Demons I (2020).

D’Amound leaves the band to take a role in his sobriety clinic heading up the program. He will be replaced by Davier Perez of The Mirage Theory.

You can read the band’s statement below:

Uplifting news here, always sad to part with a brother, but in this case we could not be more proud…
Austin D’Amond has been offered a very lucrative spot at his sobriety clinic to head up the program, helping to get people sober, and we are very proud of the steps he’s taken in his own life to get sober and also to help others with their struggles.

Dez says,
“Working with Austin was fun, but I’m very glad for the next chapter of his life where he will be helping people.”

Austin adds,
“I’m very grateful for my time playing for DevilDriver and the experience was priceless. These friendships will last forever, and I have nothing but love for all my brothers. I wish them many more years of giving the fans the most necessary SHRED!!!”

Sad to see him go, but as he steps away from touring, he’s bettering his life and the lives of others – so Austin, we salute you!

Now, DevilDriver welcomes to the fold on drums, Davier Perez!

Davier Perez says,
“To say that I’m honored to be part of the DevilDriver family is an understatement!”

Regarding Davier joining DevilDriver, Dez says,
“Once I saw him play, I asked around and spoke with him and heard his excitement as well his long term commitment level. I knew he was our guy!”

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