June 14, 2024

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PANTERA Fan: “Zakk is doing the bare minimum, he got ‘A New Level’ riff wrong!”

Multi-camera fan-filmed video of PANTERA‘s first live performance in over 20 years, which took place this past Friday (December 2) at Mexico’s Hell & Heaven Metal Fest, can be viewed below.

Negative comments have already begun to come out about the groove metal band’s return, most particularly Zakk Wylde’s attempt to play Dimebag Darrell’s guitar parts:

“While I think Charlie is doing his best, struggling a bit obviously on some part, I feel like Zaak is doing the bare minimum. Granted he doesn’t have the razor sharp precision of (drunk) Dimebag but he botches some part real bad. He even got the “A New Level” main riff wrong… Come on. As for phil and Rex, well they aged, they do what they can. Rex has about zero stage presence. There’s no synergy.”

Stephane Likne

Pantera – Cowboys From Hell