June 16, 2024

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GOD DETHRONED – Release “Asmodevs” Music Video

Right in time for the 30th anniversary of their debut album, The Christhunt, Dutch blackened death metal institution GOD DETHRONED recently announced a new chapter of their career. After having emerged in the extreme metal scene of the early ’90s and soon gaining international followership thanks to twelve albums that became genre milestones, God Dethroned has always remained loyal to their roots while still reinventing themselves and their new single, “Asmodevs,” proves just that. The surprisingly catchy song is accompanied by a music video which was filmed and directed by the band’s own Dave Meester (guitars).

Frontman Henri Sattler commented:

Asmodevs’ is one of the oldest demons known to mankind. He appears in ancient scriptures as the prince of demons and hell. The song itself is very much composed as a single. Short but sweet, with all the typical GOD DETHRONED ingredients. Epic tunes combined with sheer brutality.