July 12, 2024

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MÖTLEY CRÜE’s The Stadium Tour, PIZZAGATE & SATAN (Part 1)

MÖTLEY CRÜE’s The Stadium Tour, PIZZAGATE & SATAN (Part 1)

by Randy “Rocket” Cody

There are explosive details being leaked in the Mick Mars lawsuit versus his old band, most notably the revelation that Tommy Lee, Nikki Sixx and Vince Neil are purportedly members of a Satanic secret society, who takes part in ritual orgies and “rapes girls”, according to Mars’ leaked legal document. The comments made by the whistleblower was taken by the plaintiff’s legal team as a ‘witness statement’ from ex-Crue limo driver Al Bowman.

Mars contends his bandmates sabotaged their big comeback called The Stadium Tour, that saw the once epic glam metal band sloppily stumble through 36 arena shows, that Mars himself said were the worst ever that he played with the band over 41 years.

Looking closer, it gets one to thinking was The Stadium Tour some kind of ‘ritual of mockery‘ being carried out on the unsuspecting masses?

There are signs that the coven leaves behind when it performs ritual sacrifice. It is my belief that MÖTLEY CRÜE’s final gig with founding guitarist Mick Mars was carefully planned, involved murder, and fully exposes that they knew they would be retiring the original lineup of the band officially long before they admitted it to fans. Remember, they did not want to confess that indeed they were replacing Mick with John 5, until TMD’s reporting forced them to nearly 2 weeks after I first exposed the truth to the masses, right? It was all in a shady effort to sell tickets to their “cash grab” World Tour in 2023. As it pertains to Mick’s last gig in the Crue, I will prove the concert was a front for a satanic ceremony to please the Devil, who Nikki, Tommy and Vince serves, according to ex-Crue limo driver Al Bowman. Tommy, Nikki and Vince, excluding Mick himself, are high-ranking freemasons who practices witchcraft, believe it or not.

The Crue’s long held (and twice postponed) intentions were to play a world tour comeback with the original lineup. Instead, they only performed in two countries out of one hundred and ninety-five.

This is all part of the Satanic mockery.

Firstly, from a numerology perspective, let’s examine the triple numbers associated with the final Mick Mars/Crue concert. The show took place at: 

Allegiant Stadium

3333 Al Davis Way, Las Vegas, NV

So, we use the first three numbers of the location’s address, which are:


Half of 666 is what? 333

Now look at the date of Mick’s final show:

MICK MARS: Final Show with MOTLEY CRUE [Vegas 9/9/2022]

Invert the 9’s and you get 66, then add the 2’s together in 2022,

and you get the third 6 which again, marks the number of the beast

= 666

It is my theory that at the conclusion of Mick’s final concert, held on a Friday, which would have taken us past midnight into the next day which just so happens to be Saturday, ritual murder was carried out.

In this shocking three-part report, I will reveal never before known secrets about the inner workings of the world’s most satanic rock band: MÖTLEY CRÜE, as exposed by Mick Mars and Al Bowman.

In my previous reporting on the Saturn Death Cult, I explained how Saturday stems from Saturn & SATAN, which are one in the same, and the reason why Saturday is the #1 day for ritual murders.

My further research uncovered that an actual satanic ritual on the calendar for one of these Illuminati-backed secret events is called “Marriage to the Beast” and dismemberment/murder of an infant female is scheduled to happen annually between September 7th and 10th.

“The musician recently wrapped up the North American leg of the glam metal band’s stadium tour with a gig at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas on September 9.”

“Mötley Crüe performed a 15-song set in “Greatest Hits” fashion, closing the setlist with “Kickstart My Heart”, a hair metal classic off the band’s 1989 genre-defining album “Dr. Feelgood”.”

Now look at the name of where Mick’s last show took place, because it ties in the satanic royal family in England. They are who is behind the New World Order, and now it is believed by me and other occult experts that King Charles is indeed the anti-Christ.

Allegiant, means steadfastly loyal, especially to a monarch

Looking more closely at the said to be utterly ridiculous and not to be believed rumor that Scott Stapp is going to replace Vince Neil in the Crue getting dropped, is it a cruel joke, bitter reality or a clue into the darker subject matter at hand? Think about it. What was the original name for Creed band going to be?

Naked Toddler

With my past reporting covering Swordfish revelation surrounding my independent murder investigations for late rockers Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington, who were going to reveal the darkest secrets about the elite’s pedophile ring named #PizzaGate by the media, which was staged with a false flag event used as a way to divert attention by making it appear to be a hoax, it appears now that people are finally starting to wake up.

Savannah’s Ritual Murder: The Vince Neil Connection

What just happened on 9/23/2023? Vince Neil’s solo concert had a “false flag shooting” take place out of the blue. Very telling. Very damning.


Now I had earlier this year published shocking audio of a one-time Crue Groupie and ex-girlfriend of Tommy Lee’s who admitted that her girlfriend whom she grew up with was purportedly drugged while hanging out with she and Tommy one night early in the eighties. According to Al Bowman the modus operandi of Tommy Lee, Nikki Sixx and Vince Neil was to hunt down “virgins” that they could have satanic orgies with.

An anonymous online post has begun to stir a lot of interest, in concern with the ongoing Pizzagate/Pedogate scandal that has rocked Washington and the entertainment industry, specifically the rock music biz, where an anonymous person going by the name “Swordfish” now apparently has the “dirt” to bring down many top name celebs who are allegedly involved in child sex crimes and he is preparing to go public with this damning information.

A rumor has now begun to spread that “Swordfish” is none other than BLINK 182 frontman Tom Delonge.

Metal Addicts site takes us further down the rabbit hole:

“After Neil’s drunken cameo going viral, his trouble with his crappy voice that led to cancelling several solo shows, and who can forget the incident when he fell off the stage resulting in breaking his ribs, now comes a new revelation by former MÖTLEY CRÜE limo driver Al Bowman, as a member of their “inner circle” during the CRÜE’s heyday, has officially confirmed that Vince is currently drinking himself to death.”

According to a recent article by The Metal Den, Bowman states that the CRÜE’s satanic parties were held at an “Ivy-covered little old wooden house with darkened windows.”



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