July 13, 2024

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MÖTLEY CRÜE Fanbase Rejects Scott Stapp Over His Christian Faith

It seems the Crue’s fans arms are not wide open after learning that ex-CREED singer Scott Stapp might be replacing Vince Neil as the new singer of MÖTLEY CRÜE.

The comments being left on news articles covering the controversy are alarming. The #1 reason Crue’s fans do not want Stapp fronting the satanic themed metal group is due to the fact that Stapp is a devout Christian, who no longer drinks or likes to party.

Is Scott Stapp Replacing Vince Neil In Mötley Crüe?

In his own words, Stapp explains his religious beliefs:

“I’ve come full circle, spiritually. Unfortunately, it took a lot of heartache to get to that point, but I’ve always been a little hard-headed. I had to finally get to the place where I wasn’t being influenced by how I was brought up. I had to finally stand alone as a man and see Christ from my own perspective and choose him for myself. When you grow up in church, especially the kind of church I did, it’s sort of like, ‘Your name is Scott, and your faith is Christianity.’ I didn’t get to choose my faith any more than I did my name; so, it was time to come to terms with where I stood, what my commitment would be.”

The knock against Stapp being not a legit rocker is beyond ‘preposterous’, yet ex-MTV Headbangers Ball host Riki Rachtman went off against the idea in a wild rant posted on TikTok about not wanting Stapp to front the Crue. “It’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. If Scott Stapp ends up joining the Crue I will shave my head bald!”

What is the real problem the Crue’s fans have with Stapp? The man is undoubtedly a world class rock vocalist with eleven #1 hits and over fifty million albums sold. In fact, his last studio album was produced by Marti Frederiksen, who also produced MÖTLEY CRÜE and produced for Vince Neil plus he actually wrote the title track off Vince Neil’s “Tattoo’s and Tequilla” album.

“Can you imagine the Arms Wide Open guy singing ‘Shout at the Devil’?”

Should a man’s religious choice be something he is condemned over? After all, we are talking about performance art, which is what the Crue is ultimately. Big stage shows, with anarchy as its them. Just like a horror movie that someone watches, they aren’t necessarily going to start murdering people after viewing it or because they were a part of the performance. So why exactly can’t Scott Stapp sing for MÖTLEY CRÜE?

Stapp’s recent solo album produced by Frederiksen, clearly shows his serious hard rock voice for once, and at times his singing style is eerily similar to a young Vince Neil’s, believe it or not.

With Vince Neil being in the worst shape of his career currently, maybe bringing in a younger talent, who can actually sing the Crue’s classics properly, and put some effort into being on the stage during their upcoming World Tour, is not the worst idea ever to come along. In fact, the fans themselves are the ones who called for Neil’s dismissal, right?

Maybe having someone who isn’t drunk all the time, slurring words on stage and forgetting lyrics, would be the best thing for the Crue as they move forward. How many more catastrophic concert mishaps can this band suffer before the fans own welcome for the glam metal darlings finally wears out?