July 20, 2024

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Unsigned Band News: ROCKET REVIEW: BLEED – “Bleed The People”


TMD Rocks!

Warrenton, Virginia’s BLEED are an eerily epic bunch who are ten steps ahead of most the other acts in metal’s current underground crop of unsigned band’s and their new, musically sweeping collection of tunes prove it. They’ve crafted, aptly titled “Bleed The People”, with its darkly-warped, BLACK SABBATH meets LAMB OF GOD song stylings, including the gripping ‘Helpless’ and ‘Seven One Five’: “They are coming to take our guns away… not in my lifetime!” Both LAMB OF GOD and NOTHINGFACE fans will be drawn to the likes of this group’s tightly woven vocals and guitars, and their thrilling approach to creating some pure, honest to goodness head-banging music that leaves you wanting to bleed out for more.


BLEED – “Bleed The People”

1. Walking in Fear

2. Brutality

3. Enemy

4. It’s Too Late

5. Helpless

6. Ridiculed

7. Seven One Five

8. Dream



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