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Into the Darkness with Randy “Rocket” Cody (Part 2)

Legendary rock journalist Randy “Rocket” Cody has solved historical crimes, Jack the Ripper, The Black Dahlia, and The Zodiac Killer – ties to the OG Al Capone. We discuss: The American media’s Influence –look at where you get your info from. Check out the video below.

Host Nora Finch of RockYourLifePodcast goes down the deepest rabbit hole yet with The Dark Knight of Heavy Metal. Can you handle the TRUTH? “Rocket” is the world’s most famous conspiracy theorist.

Seek your own sense of YOUR truth. Finding your passion in serving the world – Satanism (the prevalence and rituals) within everyday living, and explaining The New World Order Researching history – Freemasons, Knights Templar –Michael Aquino *sensitive subject matter discussed *Audio in later part muffled for a short time (At 46:10)