June 16, 2024

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MÖTLEY CRÜE’s Toronto Gig Faces Major Backlash from Fans: “The Bass Is Too Loud” & “Vince Neil Is Regressing” (VIDEO)

MÖTLEY CRÜE has been taking heat each and every show, mostly centered around Tommy Lee’s lack of drumming prowess, and most recently Lee got caught “Fake playing” his drums. The critics reviewing each show of The Stadium Tour have become progressively harder on the once great glam metal act. Two nights ago, the Crue after having struck out during two nights at Fenway Park, began to get major backlash from the Toronto, Canada fans for the bombastic sound levels out at the August 8th show that ruined their concert experience.

“I was at your concert tonight at Rogers Centre, Toronto. I don’t get it, why was the sound so off?? We couldn’t hear the singing or melody at all. the bass (maybe drums too) was overpowering all the singers.”

“Welp not enjoying @MotleyCrue in Toronto. Sound is way out of whack. Can’t hear anything besides the bass drum. I know it’s supposed to be loud, bit the rest of the band should not be drowned out by Tommy Lee. Will not see the cruel again.” – KromMagnus.com

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“All smoke & horrible sound from Crüe”

Word coming out of the Crue’s camp is that bassist Nikki Sixx and drummer Tommy Lee are conspiring to sabotage the Crue’s gigs due to Vince Neil not being in good enough shape to sing. The band is even using smoke screens to block the audience from seeing Vince Neil on the stage, believe it or not.