June 18, 2024

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Mick Mars Issues Ultimatum to Tommy Lee: “Play the drums for real or you aren’t getting paid for The Stadium Tour”

MÖTLEY CRÜE’s guitarist Mick Mars has seen and heard enough. The legendary shredder has purportedly dropped the hammer on the band’s drummer Tommy Lee, and word is that he’s so angry that Mars has not been talking to Lee for the entire time the Crue has been on The Stadium Tour. Well, that is until now. Mars surprised everyone in the Crue’s camp after the first leg of the tour ended when the story first broke by TMD that Lee was caught fake drumming after he failed to sit behind his drum kit as a drum backing track began to play for the song “Looks That Kill.”

As the story goes, Mars approached Tommy Lee and was less than kind with his words:

“Nobody wants to hear your bullshit stories about falling down some stairs. Nobody wants cooked ribs thrown at them during a concert. Nobody wants to pay to watch you not play the fucking drums, and when you do play, you’re not even actually playing. Play the drums for real or you aren’t getting paid for the Stadium Tour.”

Word going around is that Lee is trying to sabotage the Crue’s sets at the Stadium Tour because of his ongoing feud with singer Vince Neil AKA “Vince Meal.”

The Crue can redeem themselves in Boston on August 5th and 6th when the Stadium Tour picks back up for back-to-back concerts at Fenway Park.

Let’s hope for Tommy’s sake that he pulls his head out of his ass long enough to actually do what he is being paid a lot of money to do: sit behind the drum kit for an entire set, uninterrupted by bullshit that was made up, like claiming he suffered four broken ribs that never happened.