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PANTERA Reunion Tour Will Not Include Zakk Wylde, According To Rex Brown

The biggest story in rock music over the past twenty-four hours is the shocking announcement that PANTERA members, Phil Anselmo and Rex Brown, are planning to do a reunion tour in 2023.

There’s only one problem, the other two members are dead.

While rumors circulate that longtime buddy of the band Zakk Wylde is involved, the fact of the matter is that Wylde is not going to be part of PANTERA’s reunion gigs, according to Rex Brown.

The Metal Den is well known for first having pushed the cause many years ago about PANTERA reuniting for the fans to honor the legacy of late great guitarist Dimebag Darrell Abbott.

RIP, Vinnie Paul and “Dimebag” Darrell Abbott: It’s Time To Honor The Brothers!

“It would be in honor of our fallen brother Dimebag, Anselmo stated to acclaimed rock journalist and TMD owner Randy “Rocket” Cody during an interview back in 2015, “that would motivate me to do it for no other reason, other than the contingency of people who want to see it or the whole generation or two that missed out on it.”

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So, who is the mystery guitarist that has been chosen by Rex and Phil to fill in for Dimebag?

Back in 2013, it seemed one man was destined above all others to take Dime’s throne, and his name is Marzi.

The Metal Den‘s Randy “Rocket” Cody conducted an interview with guitarist Maziar “Marzi” Montazeri (ex-SUPERJOINT RITUAL) about Marzi‘s work on the solo album from former PANTERA frontman Philip Anselmo“Walk Through Exits Only”.

There is no doubt Marzi’s love for Dimebag and Pantera music is unmatched. He has been closer to the CFH movement than any other guitarist alive, including Zakk Wylde.

Here are Marzi’s own words:

“I tell you this, man, I never connected with another rock guitar player on a level of mutual respect then I did with Dime. He is what I call my Guitar Soul Brother and that is because he is alive in my heart. Top it with so many nights of this crazy muthafucka making me cry from laughing. His brand of comedy and the shit he would pull off was on another level. Like all those that knew him, I have many stories with him that are simply outrageous to say the least. My favorite memory with Dime though is clearly the time when I went to the Abbott house and jammed and recorded with Dime in his little garage studio. He had a clean guitar melody looped and we both took two solos on it. That rhythm ended up being the verses in the song “Hollow” and I am sure Rita’s got a copy somewhere. And sadly, to know what happened to end his life is beyond tragic and is a dark fuckin cloud that for a while overshadowed the good memories I would have. By that I mean I always think of him and the funny crazy shit he would pull off or the demos he would let me listen before they would become epic tunes.”

Marzi Montazeri, the Man Dimebag Darrell Called a Bad Motherfucker!

Although Marzi had a bit of a falling out with the Kid, which ended up with Marzi saying Phil ripped off the vocal style of EXHORDER’s lead singer, he is undoubtedly the #1 guy for the gig.

All this being said, Marzi recently quit Exhorder (early in 2022) and claims to be working on some new “heavy” material, while getting himself into top physical shape. Could this be a hint that he and Phil squashed their beef and are ready to bring PANTERA back from the dead? Anyone who knows Marzi, knows he was a very good friend of Dimebag’s and has been around Phil and the metal scene for decades. This dude will play Dime’s parts the way they are supposed to be played. He is definitely the best man for the job as lead guitarist in PANTERA.

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