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SCARS OF ATROPHY – To Perform at Wisconsin’s Dimestock Supporting New EP “Nations Divide”

SCARS OF ATROPHY is the new form of Tucson, USA’s Atrophy which has been rebranded after a lineup shuffle in 2020. Now they are gearing up to show off their new iteration with a hot new EP “Nations Divide”, a festival appearance, and the promise of a full length at the beginning of next year.

The EP was released in June and has been eaten up by thrash fans around the world. Its classic sound is reminiscent of their older material, but fresh enough to entice new listeners. While many anticipate what will be the third Atrophy album, right now they can indulge in the brutality and driving force of the stories they’ve created live at Dimestock in Watertown, Wisconsin on August 27 alongside Exhorder. The band explains further:

“We are super excited and honored to play our new material at Dimestock! After hearing our intensity, the organizers put us opening for Exhorder and playing with a who’s who of the future heavyweights. In the past, writing new music was a bit repressed and controlled. Now, every idea is considered and everyone is encouraged to contribute. This is heard in the tightness and focus of each song’s intricacies. Climb aboard our train and thrash out to the heaviness with us. We approach with honesty and that is continually hammered out with our blasting rhythms and our painfully aware lyrics.”

Scars Of Atrophy says that seeing fans mosh or headbang at the shows is super rewarding for them and they intend to deliver a wall of energy that is honest and engaging. Those who can’t catch them live will have to rely on the EP to keep them satiated before the full-length drop next year, which will be a greater representation of their “Nations Divide”. Musically, the songs are all hard-hitting with their signature tempo and riffage. Definitely an aggressive approach with the thunderous double bass of veteran thrash drummer, Tim Kelly.

The band approached this EP as both the entertainers and the audience. They love the thrash metal genre and for them, there is nothing better than watching a huge mosh pit break out while playing on stage. They create according to what they expect at a show themselves.

Desert thrash that is harder than caliche, Scars of Atrophy is recommended for fans of Testament, Exodus, and Slayer.

Scars of Atrophy plays Dimestock with Exhorder on August 27, 2022. Info –

The EP “Nations Divide” was released on June 22, 2022, and available on Music

Music Video – DSM-6 –

Track Listing:
1. Cross Contamination – 3:44
2. DSM-6 – 4:05
3. Smoke Screen – 3:55
4. Nations Divide –3:24
EP Length 15:08

EP Recording Credits:
All songs performed by Scars of Atrophy
All songs written by Robert Stein Tim Kelly Scott Heller
Produced by Scars of Atrophy
Mixed by John Gianni
Album Artwork by Gabriel T. Byrne

1987 – Chemical Dependency – Atrophy
1988 – Socialized Hate – Atrophy
1990 – Violent By Nature – Atrophy
2017 – song Riptide – Atrophy
2022 – Nations Divide – Scars Of Atrophy

Scars of Atrophy is:
Drums – Tim Kelly
Guitar – Bobby Stein
Guitar – David Ruiz
Bass Guitar – Scott Heller
Vocals – Mike Niggl

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