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TESTAMENT – Debut “Curse of Osiris” Music Video

Check out the official music video for “Curse of Osiris” from TESTAMENT’s special CD + Blu-ray longbox video album, TITANS OF CREATION, out on September 9th, 2022 via Nuclear Blast Records. Order at

“The limited-edition collectible features performance videos of all the tracks on the record. The footage was compiled at a soundstage in San Francisco and was edited into music video-style clips that will be available on Blu-Ray accompanying the CD with bonus photos and liner notes plus a button and sticker in a long box. Staying true to the record, the performances feature Gene Hoglan behind the kit! This version will be limited to 6,500 units worldwide. Chuck Billy comments, “I’m very excited and proud to release the video play through for the Titans of Creation album. We were fortunate enough to have Gene Hoglan on drums before his departure. Now fans can watch us play the entire album in their homes with friends and start their own mosh pit in their living rooms.” Eric Peterson comments, “We are pleased to announce something we have always wanted to do! A performance video for each song on our latest release Titans Of Creation. It almost didn’t happen as we got the news from Gene that he was going to go his separate way, but we left on a good note and we agreed that we should nail this last idea I think it came out really killer & can’t wait for everybody to see it! We kept it simple and added a couple of visual elements on some songs for a certain vibe of the song, overall great to listen to and watch us jam these new killer songs! Looking forward to doing it again on the next record too!”


Osiris was murdered, by his brother Set A pharaoh dethroned, brought back from the dead Now Isis gave birth to their begotten son Horus will train to avenge his father’s death Lord of Death within the afterlife Protector of the underworld Judgment shall pass upon the damned Egypt cannot be saved Undying beliefs corrupting the truth Composed are the lies of the king Lord of Death within the afterlife Protector of the underworld All shall bathe in the pain No deceiver shall remain Soon his uncle will die Horus has taken his throne Bring Forth Death Horus has risen and taken his revenge Bring Forth Death Destin to kill and avenge his father’s death Lord of Death within the afterlife Protector of the underworld Unleashed the curse uncoils Twisting like the snake Victim of Regicide A brother meets his fate Now from the other side Forever shall he rest Betrayed by his blood A blessing and his curse. – Testament Official Site