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MÖTLEY CRÜE’s Tommy Lee Attempts to Summon “Aliens” At Detroit Gig (VIDEO)

In the wake of receiving the worst concert review of MÖTLEY CRÜE’s historic career, drummer Tommy Lee took it upon himself at last night’s The Stadium Tour gig in Detroit to make things even more weird and uncomfortable, as if dumping a bunch of cooked ribs on the crowd while poking fun at a rib injury that never happened wasn’t strange enough.

Tommy Lee instructed the crowd at the start of the band’s classic ballad “Home Sweet Home” to point all of their ‘lit up’ cell phones toward the sky in an attempt to summon “aliens,” believe it or not.

“Light up your phones. Light this whole bitch up! Let’s see if we can rally aliens…”

And then as if this goofball didn’t seem out of his mind enough, he blurts out the following statement as if to proclaim some secret alien race total sovereignty here on earth.

“They’re going to f***ing know where home is!”

Whoa, hold your horses, Tommy. Are you kidding? You can’t make this stuff up.

So, wait a minute. Is this the big alien disclosure moment we have all been waiting for?

It would have been great if all the sudden a thirty-mile-wide alien ship arrived out of nowhere and abducted Tommy, and then dropped him off on Mars to do a 20 year stretch of slave labor.