March 4, 2024

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Rocket To Be Interviewed On FM Rock Radio Station WQEE 99.1 “The Key” This Wednesday

Rocket of TMD will be interviewed tomorrow on Wednesday May 11 at 9AM EST on FM Rock Radio station WQEE 99.1 serving Georgia, Alabama, The Navajo Nation and beyond… you don’t want to miss this appearance!

Rocket comments:

“Host Ryan O Neal and I will be discussing the 5 year anniversary vigil of #TruthForChris investigation and I will drop a Vicky Cornell bombshell!! A lot of what will be discussed actually relates to one of my most popular reports I ever wrote, and definitely one of my personal favorites titled “Elizabeth Short, Jigsaw & Temple Of The Dog.” I have been on the trail of the new prime suspect in the unsolved murder of Short, also known as The Black Dahlia. His name is Man Ray, and I fully believe I have all the evidence I need to prove he is guilty of her murder. With the help of LAPD covering up the truth, Man Ray was allowed to flee without any questioning to France. Believe it or not, it all connects to 2 black books! One in the Epstein scandal that Chris and Chester were helping to expose, and another black book owned by Elizabeth Short, that listed an inner circle group of elite centered around Hollywood who were running a pedophile ring that Short was used as a lure to help get them kids. What is most important to understand is in my forthcoming new bombshell report posting at on May 18 I will connect Johnny Depp and Marilyn Manson to Vicky Cornell and the modern day #Pedogate nightmare in a way that will be so profound many of you will be overcome with great anger, just as I felt myself when I learned the truth once and for all.”

“Human trafficking still exists… slavery exists in many different forms. It’s in every big city.” – Chris Cornell July/2016

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