March 3, 2024

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CRISIS BENOIT – Premiere “The Eternal March Of The Dead” Single

Italian death grinders CRISIS BENOIT will release their debut album “El Culto De La Muerte” on June 10th 2022 via Slaughterhouse Records.

Today, Toilet Ov Hell is premiering the single “The Eternal March of the Dead”. Stream it at THIS LOCATION!

 have long been known in the Italian underground scene for their furious mix of punk, grindcore and old school death-black metal, combined with a lyrical concept closely linked to the world of wrestling. The new opus “El Culto De La Muerte”, recorded and produced by Carlo Altobelli at the Toxic Basement Studio and graced by a cover by Ester Cardella, is undoubtedly the most complete and belligerent record of the young Italian act. This first full-length embraces the band’s extreme metal influences more frequently, without forgetting their infamous punk attitude.

The video of the album’s lead single, the title track “El Culto De La Muerte”, is now available HERE.

“El Culto De La Muerte” 

01. Macabre Coffin Cremation
02. Awekened Corpses Desperation
03. Deadlifting Cadavers
04. Tornado Of Thousand Broken Light Tubes
05. Kneeling Reverse Piledriver But Your Skull Exploded In Fragments
06. El Culto De La Muerte
07. The Eternal March Of The Dead
08. Raging Bulldozer
09. Teacherous Techniques As Casues Of Death
10 Death Grip In A Bar Fight
11 Back From The Dead

is a wrestling oriented theme grindcore/death metal band with a punk attitude.


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