July 21, 2024

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CRYPTIVORE – Streaming Debut Album

Brisbane-based death-metal act CRYPTIVORE, the solo project of Chris Anning from Bone Marrow, is now streaming his forthcoming debut album “Celestial Extinction” just ahead of its release, set for March 15th via Bitter Loss Records.

The album is now playing in its entirety at No Clean Singing, who commented “In rapidly changing fashion they combine cruel, mauling brutality, explosions of grindcore mayhem, bursts of head-butting groove, and threads of melody that generate an atmosphere of supernatural menace and horror.”

Listen to “Celestial Extinction” in full here.

Five years on from their debut demo “Unseen Divinity”, which was later reissued by Blood Harvest/ Dawning Septic, Cryptivore are now ready to release their first album “Celestial Extinction”, an effort that remains deeply rooted in old-school death metal, yet also shows the Australian outfit developing and refining their sound. Pre-orders are for CD and vinyl formats are now available here