July 20, 2024

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FLAYED DISCIPLE – Return With ‘A Hell In Living Flesh’ – A Brand New EP!

After an eight year leave of absence FLAYED DISCIPLE are back on the frontlines, bringing with them five new tracks of incendiary death/thrash metal! The sound of endless war and eternal conflict captured within machine gun riffs, barbed wire solos, a rhythm section like an artillery barrage and vocals to raise the dead – this is the reality of A Hell In Living Flesh!

The release of their debut album, Death Hammer, in 2012 really announced Flayed Disciple to the worldwide underground metal scene in no uncertain terms. With No Clean Singing comparing the effect of listening to Death Hammer to “injecting napalm into the bloodstream”, Flayed Disciple begin to rise through the metal ranks, performing at HammerfestBloodstock and Neurotic Deathfest. A self-titled EP in 2014 kept the momentum going, along with shows across Europe with the likes of Aborted and Vader. Then, although the band never disbanded, they stepped back from the treadmill of writing, recording and touring – until now. Now they are back with a brand new EP that utterly decimates everything that has come before. A bold claim indeed considering the poisonous potency of Death Hammer in particular, but one listen to A Hell In Living Flesh will be like a fragmentation grenade applied to your doubts. With the band now having recruited ex-Burning Skies vocalist Merv Hemborough and reunited with Death Hammer drummer Phil Tolfree, they are firing as never before.

With songs like ‘Warmaster’, ‘The Dark Other’ and ‘I Am Leviathan’ added to their arsenal the second coming of Flayed Disciple will prove unstoppable. The hooks are sharper, the solos more exhilarating and the riffs pack enough firepower to tear you in half; when this killer collection is unleashed on April 22nd you better run for cover. A Hell In Living Flesh is coming and Flayed Disciple are back – harder, faster and heavier than ever before.

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