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Legendary Rock Journalist Randy “Rocket” Cody Interviewed By ‘This Drinking Life’ Blog

Way down the rabbit hole with legendary rock journalist, Randy Rocket Cody, from the excellent blog, The Metal Den.
There is a reason that Randy has been called the “The Most Dangerous Rock N Roll Writer Alive.” as we focus on the darker aspects of the Heavy Metal genre and the music industry in general…covering a wide range of topics including the “suicides” of Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell, Pizzagate, Frazzle drip, the Hidden Agenda of the “Elite”, to shapeshifting Aliens……..all good clean fun!

This interview has been banned by YouTube!!!

Check out the awesome discussion here or down below.

(This interview originally published on August 22, 2020)

YouTube banned this interview, pulling it down recently with no strike or reason given. Why? What are they so afraid of? The TRUTH getting out?

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