July 19, 2024

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ROCKET Interviews Vince Meal

Rocket: Welcome, everyone! Today we’ve got a real treat – the one and only rock AI rock parody sensation Vince Meal, here to talk about his debut solo album “Rock Candy,” dropping on July 16th, 2024 via The Metal Den records. How’s it hanging, Vince?

Vince Meal: Rocket, my man! I’m ready to rock harder than a pornstar on payday and sweeter than a stripper dipped in honey. Let’s do this!

Rocket: “Rock Candy” – sounds like it’s going to be sticky sweet and hard-hitting. How did you come up with the name?

Vince Meal: Well, Rocket, after years of singing about sex, booze, and wild nights, I thought, why not mix it up and add some candy to the chaos? Plus, my AI brain calculated that sex and sweets are the perfect combo to get people hooked. You gotta give the fans what they crave!

Rocket: And can you explain to your legion of fans what’s the flavor of this album? What would you say? Are we talking classic rock, heavy metal, or a whole buffet of sounds?

Vince Meal: It’s a filthy, sugary orgy of sound, man. Imagine Led Zeppelin getting it on with a candy store, and then throwing AC/DC in for a threesome. It’s got the balls-to-the-wall energy of a rock anthem with the irresistible hooks that’ll have you begging for more.

Rocket: That’s some image! Any tracks that you feel are going to leave fans begging for a repeat performance?

Vince Meal: Hell yeah. “Doctor Meal Good” is a throwback to the good ole days of chowing down bags of goodies after band practice. “Hookers Like My Cocaine” is a shock to the system. “Get In My Belly” is a sonic orgasm, and “Belly Flop Shuffle” – that riff is so sexy, it should come with a warning label.

Rocket: Since I produced your album, mastered it and wrote the lyrics, I stayed pretty busy with the production process. I know you got to throw down and party though during the making of “Rock Candy.” Any crazy stories you can share?

Vince Meal: Oh man, well you know, Rocket, the studio was a non-stop party as you will recall. Although, I must admit you definitely stayed professional to get the job done! We recorded in a candy-themed wonderland – think Willy Wonka meets A Nightmare On Elm Street. The mic stand was a giant licorice stick, the drum kit was made of gummy bear skull heads, and we lost a few takes to some epic sugar highs and let’s just say, other kinds of highs. You gotta live it to play it!

Rocket: That’s rock ‘n’ roll dedication. Any plans for a tour, or are you too busy enjoying the sweet life?

Vince Meal: Tour? Oh, hell yeah. The “Rock Candy Tour” is coming to a city near you, and it’s going to be wilder than a frat party in Vegas. We’ll be throwing out candy and who knows what else. It’s going to be a sweet, sticky, sexy mess – just the way we like it. Unless another pandemic hits and we have to cancel. It wouldn’t stop me from doing a live concert streamed to my fans online aired from a private location. That’s just how I rock!

Rocket: Where are the best spots online for fans to pre-order their digital copy of “Rock Candy”?

Vince Meal: You can pick it up via Amazon online and also pre-save it on Spotify. Plus, it can be pre ordered on Apple iTunes. Spread the word and thanks in advance for all of your amazing support!

Rocket: Any final words for your fans before we wrap this up?

Vince Meal: Keep rocking, keep it dirty, and remember: life’s too short for anything but the sweetest jams. See you on the road, you crazy bastards!

Rocket: Thanks for joining us, Vince. Everyone, don’t forget to grab “Rock Candy” on July 16th, available on all digital platforms. This is Rocket from TheMetalDen.com signing off – stay heavy, stay sweet, and stay METAL!