July 13, 2024

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MEGADETH – Dave Mustaine Apologizes For Walking Off The Stage


TMD Rocks!

Yes, you did indeed read that right. While supplies last, when you purchase any configuration (regular cd edition, limited edition-deluxe hard-bound version and limited edition deluxe box ( 3LP's, 2 CD, book and poster) available only at Best Buy) of the initial pressing of Judas Priest’s double disc concept album, ‘Nostradamus’ (release date – June 17th), specially marked CD’s will contain an insert with a exclusive code inside the CD package for one free lawn ticket to see Judas Priest on selected dates of the Metal Masters tour this summer, courtesy of Live Nation (see below for a complete list). Visit www.judaspriest.com for details on this special offer. This seemingly too-good-to-be-true offer will be good while supplies last. Also, this offer will not pertain to all the dates of the Metal Masters tour (see below for complete list of dates that the offer is good for).

The Metal Masters tour will undoubtedly be the top metal concert attraction of the summer. In addition to a headlining performance by Judas Priest, fans will also be treated to sets by Heaven & Hell, Motorhead, and Testament. “As ever, we look forward to screaming out loud with our metal maniac fans when we hit the road,” enthuses Priest singer, Rob Halford. “The Priest is back!”

The tour, produced by Live Nation, will be Priest’s first thorough sets of U.S. dates in nearly three years, and will be in support of the group’s aforementioned ‘Nostradamus’ release. Long in the works, ‘Nostradamus’ was recorded in the UK, and takes epic storytelling to a whole new level, as it recounts the life of this mysterious, world-known 16th century French prophet.

Some of the events that Nostradamus experts have interpreted as some of his predictions include the great fire of London in 1666, the rise of Adolf Hitler, and most recently, 9-11, among countless other renowned events.

“For me, ‘Nostradamus’ has been a musical journey without comparison,” adds guitarist KK Downing. “The intrigue and mystery that surrounds this revered man has expanded my perception of heavy metal to the highest plateau and enabled me to reach the outer limits of my imagination and transport unique feelings and emotions to the instrument that allows me to express myself.”

Praiseworthy advance reviews of ‘Nostradamus’ have only caused the buzz to grow around Priest’s 16th studio release overall. Case in point, a review by Eddie Trunk (host of the syndicated radio show ‘Eddie Trunk Rocks’), in which he raved, “Priest touches on so much new ground and really pushed the envelope on some things.

The album takes you on a nearly two-hour journey. It is without a doubt best looked at as a complete work as all true concept albums are. You can really see it living out on a stage. It sounds like Priest have truly created something special and once again lived up to their rightful billing as ‘Metal Gods’.”

As to why they chose to make a concept album about Nostradamus, Glenn Tipton explains: “We didn't – he chose us. We feel it was meant to be!”

Soon, the Metal Gods will be destroying a concert stage near you.

Tickets for all shows on sale now at www.livenation.com.

For more information, visit:


Offer good only for one of the following shows, while supplies last:

06-Aug-08 Camden, NJ

07-Aug-08 Bristow, VA

09-Aug-08 Holmdel, NJ

16-Aug-08 Pittsburgh, PA

19-Aug-08 Chicago, IL

22-Aug-08 Dallas, TX

23-Aug-08 Houston, TX

24-Aug-08 San Antonio, TX

27-Aug-08 Albuquerque, NM

28-Aug-08 Phoenix, AZ

30-Aug-08 San Bernardino, CA

31-Aug-08 Mountain View, CA