July 21, 2024

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HATEBREED – Planning New Video



TMD Rocks!

To give everyone more freedom of choice, the band would like to know what video YOU, the fan, would like to strain your necks!

A voting poll has been launched exclusively at this location and will be active until the morning of June 24th. Once that date hits, all votes will be counted for and a surprise announcement will be made shortly after by the band.

Stay tuned to www.myspace.com/kataklysm for further details."

As previously reported, Kataklysm frontman Maurizio Iacono recently checked in with the following update:

"Well that was one insane weekend in Canada… we did three album record launches and gave away three custom Washburn guitars… and what a memorable weekend it was – in over fifteen years of playing Kataklysm's birth place Montreal, that had to be, on Saturday, the most intense crowd response ever to the point that club owners have now established mandatory barricades at every metal concert (sorry guys).

Kids stormed the stage and were louder then hell, I'm out of words… they say none are kings in their own home but last Saturday that theory was shattered!.

Toronto and Quebec City were the sickest kick ass shows we ever played there as well… if these shows are any indication of what is to come on Summer Slaughter, Kataklysm shall prevail!!

We can't wait to meet our fans with our new tunes and a completly revamped set list. Thanks also to tech gods MARTYR and AUGURY, UNEXPECT and all the locals for sharing this weekend's memorable moments with us.

We also want to give a BIG thank you to all our fans in Europe, especially Germany, Austria and Switzerland for making Kataklysm chart at such high position (highest chart entry for Nuclear Blast history for a death metal band and first highest Canadian metal act chart).

Prevail has a strong out the gate impact… the metal fans are speaking… they want the truth and we are speaking it to them… the message of perserverance, you want something in life go get it and fuck the opposition., that is the metal way… be a rebel see ya in the pit!"