June 25, 2024

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Rumor: Vince Neil Is Dead?

Troubled MÖTLEY CRÜE vocalist, Vince Neil, has not been seen in public for months, which has led to new speculation that the overweight singer passed away in late 2020 and the sad truth about his death is being carefully concealed from fans.

Last year’s Crue comeback concert tour was pushed back to the summer of this year due to Covid-19, but now it looks potentially legit that the hair metal icon is no longer among the living, and believe it or not, the band has no choice but to keep his death a secret. Yes, the ugly reality is that the Crue will be forced to use a body double to stand in for dead Vince at the forthcoming live gigs.

Last year, a shocking video was posted online that showed a drunken Neil slurring his words when trying to wish a fan “Happy Birthday” and he appeared to be more bloated than ever before.

The incoherent rambling that spilled out of Vince Neil’s mouth was an early tell tale indicator that something was seriously wrong with him.

“Hey– decker-o, this is Vince Neil. Heydhejejj, just wanna say uh Happy birfday, brudder. Uh-This is actually from uh- Christian, Wom, Ethan an Blake. So uh– keep on rockin’, shout at the devil, and uh– and do..sndjdhdh and do sum feel good stuff, for the big ol’, herrrmemwajhs, big ol’ 4-0, u smsmsn man. Alight, seeya later”

Last year it was reported that Vince was fired by weight loss guru, Jenny Craig, which insiders close to the band said immediately sent him into a downward spiral.

Reportedly, Vince Neil suffered a mini-stroke at some point around this time, and this was hidden from the public.

As the story goes, an anonymous source confirmed with TMD that indeed his band recognized that the singer’s “drunk video” appearance was the initial indication that the former rock idol was already showing the signs of having suffered a mini-stroke.

According to eMed TV site:

“It’s important to be able to recognize the symptoms of a mini-stroke or stroke. Often, a mini-stroke is a warning sign that a person is at high risk for a major stroke (which can lead to death). In fact, one-third of people who have a mini-stroke will go on to have a stroke within five years.”

The CDC also estimates that strokes kill about 140,000 Americans each year.

This story is developing.