April 13, 2024

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MÖTLEY CRÜE – Big Announcement Coming…

Legendary glam metal band, MÖTLEY CRÜE, is expected to make a “big announcement” about their future later today. The bad boys of rock are notorious for shocking people over the years. That being said, word going around is that they have something very serious to disclose to fans.

Immediate speculation among the metal journalism community has begun, including the wild theory that troubled singer, Vince Neil, recently died and the news is being withheld from the public, due to legal reasons, surrounding their purported plan of doing a comeback tour that would now be fronted by a Vince body double performing Crue classics via lip sync. This is not a joke.

The sad truth is any Instagram, Facebook or Twitter posts fans you saw from Vince in recent months was not him, but instead someone else who is posting as if they were him and sharing old video or photos from last year. Why is this being done?

TMD has confirmed that indeed there is footage that exists showing the body double Vince practicing with the band earlier this month. Currently, a deal is trying to be made to secure this shocking evidence.

Do you believe such incriminating footage possibly exists?

Another crazy theory suggests, the Vince we have all known and loved for so long actually died quite some time ago, back in 2016. Those closest to him say it was like a “possession” took place right before their eyes when the change in the one time chiseled vocalist happened that spawned a blonde-haired, two hundred and sixty pound demon with major drinking and eating issues.

Another theory claims Vince is the victim of what is called “soul scalping” – believe it or not – which involves a Satanic ritual done within elite secret societies, as part of a covert deal made between the U.S. government and aliens from another planet, wherein the person’s soul is replaced by an alien shapeshifter called a reptilian and they essentially become “Lizard People.”

This story is developing.