June 18, 2024

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JUNGLE ROT – Finish Recording New Album

Death metal band JUNGLE ROT have essentially finished recording a new album and follow-up to their 2018 self-titled release.

Tracking commenced in early October and Dan Swanö (Opeth, Marduk) will mix and master the effort in the coming weeks.

Frontman Dave Matrise had the following to say: “Finally I’m getting a chance to hear a raw mix of all the new songs. This is definitely going to be one hell of an album. I have written over 100 songs now on guitar for my band and this will not disappoint. I cannot wait till everyone gets to hear this beast of a album.”

“Steeped in the relatively straightforward, yet viciously corrosive grooves perpetrated by early-’90s bands like Sodom, Unleashed, and Bolt Thrower, Kenosha, Wisconsin’s Jungle Rot deliver a punitive blend of old-school thrash metal, death metal, crossover, and crusty punk. Founded in 1993 — vocalist and guitarist Dave Matrise has been the group’s only constant member — the band made their official debut with 1998’s Pulverizer Records-issued Slaughter the Weak. Subsequent efforts continued to marry punishing beats to caustic riffage, and were released via Century Media, Napalm, and eventually Victory Records, who put out the band’s eponymous ninth studio long player in 2018, celebrating 25 years of Jungle Rot cacophony.” – All Music